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Dream Car Week Lineup


Wake up because Dream Car Week is right around the corner. To help you plan ahead, here's a list of what Velocity is offering, so you can clear your hectic schedule or set your DVR. 

MONDAY--- How It's Made: Dream Cars

Superformance GT40 (9/8c)


Falcon F7 (9:30/8:30c)

Porsche 918 Spyder (10/9c)

McLaren 650S (10:30/9:30c)




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TeenDrive365 Takes Over All Girls Garage



Since last October, students across the country have been combining their passion for video production with an important issue: carelessness behind the wheel. Teen drivers have a higher risk of death when driving than anyone else on the road, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. A 2013 study out of the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute found that teens used their cellphones while driving an alarming amount of times. In a 30 day period, 80 percent used their phones at least once to make a call and 72 percent sent text messages. 

Knowing that teens have a tendency to listen to their peers over their parents and teachers (remember peer pressure?), Discovery Education and Toyota initiated the TeenDrive365 Video Challenge. 

IMG_2123In May, the winners were chosen and this past week, the 2nd Place finisher and the People's Choice winners traveled to Tampa, FL to visit the set of one of Velocity's hit shows. The lucky five got to spend the day with the talented trio of Cristy Lee, Bogi Lateiner and Rachel DeBarros. The day was spent checking out the set, learning about the production behind All Girls Garage, and interacting with the shows' stars.

"It was so much having the contest winners on set with us, and seeing how excited they were to see the behind the scenes workings of the show," said Latiener. "Their energy and enthusiasm was inspiring." 
"I had watched their video submissions online," said DeBarros, chiming in. "In a time when it seems like driving is treated like a chore that gets in the way of our on-screen entertainment, it's inspiring to see so many young drivers leading by example."
"It was such a pleasure to have such young and inspirational teens and their families on our set," costar Cristy Lee added about experience. "It was so rewarding learning each of their stories."
The push to unplug from cellphones while behind the wheel is obviously driven by the frightening statistics and unfortunate deaths, but DeBarros had added another perspective to the mix.
"As a car enthusiast, I'm excited to see others unplugging to create a safer environment where we can turn our daily commutes into opportunities where more people rediscover their love of driving again," said the new AGG star. "It was the simple feel of the engine coming to life when I stepped on the gas, the soundtrack coming out of my exhaust, and the grip on the road as I took those corners as a teenager that got me hooked into exploring what more I could do with my car."
The video challenge encouraged different perspectives on the issue and hoped for a wide variety of concepts. From October to March, 60 to 90 second Public Service Announcements were submitted and reviewed. Judges included representatives from Discovery Education and Toyota, educators and community leaders, according to the contest's rules. The panel looked for striking creativity, useful content, and presentation quality.

Since 2010, Discovery Education and Toyota have partnered together to develop a comprehensive program for Teens and Educators, designed to help teens avoid distractions and stay safe behind the wheel. TeenDrive365: In School offers a range of tools designed specifically for the people who can have the greatest impact on a teens driving: educators, and the teens themselves.  

Check out the impressive second place video, submitted by Demi S, here:

Below is the winner of People's Choice, created by a group of four:

To watch all of the winners click here.

If you are passionate about making the road a safer place for everyone, consider taking the Velocity Drive Smart pledge here. For every pledge, Velocity is donating to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

Why 38?


Editor's Note: Contributor Ken Visser is an Automotive Photographer and Concours Judge, as well as a Computer Tech at Discovery Communications. He's an enthusiast of generally anything that moves and is excited to share his work with Velocity fans. Reach out to him about his incredible photographs at 

Flip flops, I hate flip flops.  Now let me tell you why.  The other day I'm stopped at a light by the Damascus High School minding my own business.  I just happen to glance at my rear view mirror and I get a glimpse of headlights.  

Lady behind me was wearing flip flops.  They get tangled up in the pedals and she hits the gas.  No braking involved, so she hits me square on the bumper, which translates the energy through me into the trailer hitch attached to the Explorer in front of me.  

Needless to say, my car takes the double whammy and off to the Damascus Motors autobody for repair we go. With that, I get a rental-- a Dodge Charger.  I look like a cop in this thing!  After driving it for a few days, I took notice that the volume highest setting is 38.  

Thirty-eight?  What corporate group think study group came up with that number?  

Car 38 sm lr

So 38. Not 11 for you Spinal Tap folks.  Or 42 for you Hitch Hikers Guide the To The Universe fans. But 38.  I would have loved to listen to that bureaucratic debate.  "Well our survey shows that our male demographic is looking for something more impressive.  I say 57."  "Well Biff, too much in my mind.  I think a gentler scale 0 to 10."  "William the third, the boys at Ford have higher numbers on their cars.  We're talking 0 to 77."  "We must not lose the MVN (Maximum Volume Number) race.  Let's have another 3 studies"

Let's see what the MVN is in your car.  Looking forward to documenting what other manufacturers are doing out there.Now for your further entertainment, since we are looking at radios, let's look at what holds them, the dashboard.  Here are a couple I picked from my archives.

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McLaren Prototype Release Party


Editor's Note: Contributor Ken Visser is an Automotive Photographer and Concours Judge, as well as a Computer Tech at Discovery Communications. He's an enthusiast of generally anything that moves and is excited to share his work with Velocity fans. Reach out to him about his incredible photographs at 

I had the good fortune of being on the receiving end of an invitation to go check out the pre-release party for the brand new McLaren 570-S.  The star-studded event was held at the Longview Gallery on 9th St. NW in Washington DC.

And of course, what do you think the first thing we see in front of the gallery?

McClaren15 prototype 092 lr sm

The first of five McLaren 650S models that were on site!  This British supercar delivers 671 hp to the rear wheels.  Starting around $270,000 for the coupe and $283,000 for the convertible, this speedster will dominate a highly competitive market with a finite number of potential consumers.  

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Rolling out to Barrett Jackson


Recently recieved a fun invite, to photograph, blog and interview at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale sale.  This is the world's pre-eminent automotive auction.  I remember being spellbound at a friend's house in the 90's, watching cool cars cruise up the carpet with a definitive value now attached to them.  

To celebrate the event thought we'd look at some of the interesting objects on the list and maybe a few followup photos from other events.

The first one that caught my eye was this wild custom 1937 Cord Westchester Custom


(photo courtesy Barrett-Jackson)

I've always loved the lines on the Cords.  I never thought about hot rodding such a vehicle and there are a host of folks that would question the exercise.  

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