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34025_ep205_026When did your passion for cars begin?

Heather: I inherited the passion for cars from my dad. He made cars fun. He enjoyed driving fast and I loved to ride with him. My father was also very practical and wanted me to have an understanding of how cars worked. He always did basic work on our vehicles at home and my brother and I often helped. I have a lot appreciation for cars because of my father. 

How does it make you feel to help these owners finish their abandoned projects?

Heather: I am so grateful that I am able to help so many people and bring happiness into their lives.  Everyone has a unique story and memories associated with their car and it feels really good to help them achieve something so important to them.  

What’s the most common mistake you see car owners making while trying to restore their cars?

Heather: I don’t think the owners are making any specific mistakes other than thinking they can get the car done on their own. Restoring a car is a very large project and often way too expensive for the owner to outsource. They usually quickly realize that the project is much more complicated than they anticipated and the car just sits unfinished collecting dust. It becomes a daunting task; luckily Garage Squad comes to the rescue. 


What are you most excited for viewers to see this season?

Heather: We really stepped up the game by taking on vehicles that needed a lot more work done than last season. There is a lot of sweat and long hours that goes into rebuilding each and every one and I know the viewers will appreciate it. 

How would you describe working with the Garage Squad crew?

Heather: Working with the Garage Squad guys is like being in 6th grade all over again.  A lot of joking around, but we learn a lot too. I have a lot of respect for the guys, how hard they work and how much knowledge they have about all types of cars.  Everyone brings their own expertise to each project and we couldn’t get the job don’t without all hands on deck.

Describe the worst car you’ve ever had to repair.

Heather: I would say the worst car this season is the 442 Olds. That car just had a stench that wouldn’t quit even when we painted the stripped interior. There’s something to be said for a plethora of decaying rodents in an area with limited ventilation. I think everyone in there would agree that was nasty!

What’s usually the biggest challenge during the makeover process?

Heather: We have a limited amount of time to assess the car, order parts and get the car running again. As life goes, a lot of unforeseen problems pop up and take us off track. Often we have to source parts at the last minute and have to hold out on making progress on other areas of the car until that part comes in --- that can be stressful. 















What’s your go-to song while driving?
Heather: If I'm on a mission then Gold Guns Girls by Metric.

When did you learn to change a tire?
Heather: My dad taught me as soon as I got my driver’s license at 15. He didn’t want me to be stranded.

What’s on your key ring?
Heather: Just the essential keys, I like to keep it simple and compact.

What is your favorite food?
Heather: I love to cook healthy cuisine; fresh vegetables and steamed fish is my go to meal. 

If you have a custom license plate, what would it be?
Heather: No vanity plate for me, I prefer to be discrete like a bat mobile.

Toll Collector Fired for Being a Friend


Toll collectors typically blend in. They reach out their hand, accept drivers' payment and continue the routine until they clock out. Sometimes, though, there are individuals that defy the stereotypes and consistently brighten the lives of the people they interact with. 

Vladislav "Sam" Samsonov was one of those people and his friendliness wound up costing him his job- the one he held for 30 years.

Check out this news story from the folks at NBC2 News in Fort Myers, Florida. It has over 400K views and has been featured in publications like People Magazine, Huffington Post and USA Today.

The town's newspaper, The Boca Beacon, published a thank you to Sam for his years of service, free dog treats, and lollipops. It calls him a familiar face, a "Gasparilla Island fixture" that was taken for granted and the perfect representation of the people you can find in Boca Grande.

According to Sam's daughter, he has no immediate interest in fighting for his job. Instead he will enjoy his retirement and pick up hours at the local hospital, volunteering to keep busy. His family, however, is considering legal action.

To keep up with Sam click here.

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Quad Backflipping into History


This may be the coolest thing done on two wheels in years. New Zealand BMX rider Jed Mildon recently became the very first BMX rider to complete a quad backflip. The 29-year-old adrenaline junkie is a member of Nitro Circus, a "crew full of action sports enthusiasts in search of the biggest, baddest, and craziest stunts" according to the group's YouTube page.

Photo: NitroCircus

After nine months of working on the rotation technique and landing on a giant airbag, Mildon took to a 21 foot ramp and let it fly. Million is no stranger to taking things to the next level- he was the first to land the triple flip in 2011- but this jaw-dropping trick surpasses that on every level. Check out the video of the incredible feat (and a few gruesome attempts) below. 

To read the complete interview with Mildon click here.

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Van Party of Two


It may be America's birthday today, but check out this hysterical birthday video that's gone viral. In less than a week it boasts 450,000 views.

The video has gained worldwide traction prompting the creator, Chris Daines, to change his name on YouTube from Bludgeoned Guitarist to The Double D's (the other party-goer is Daines's brother Paul).

The Cambridge, UK resident posted a short statement on his page about his recent fame: "I made an innocent video for me and my brother's own enjoyment, not realising that it would go viral and reach out to millions across the world I've been blown away". According to Daines's Facebook page, the brother duo has signed a licensing contract with Defy Media, who will feature the video on television advertisements. Perhaps someone should throw the brothers a party...

Have you ever hosted a celebratory bash for your set of wheels? Tell us your story and maybe you can go viral too!

Finnish Moto3 Rider's Unlikely Finish


They say when you fall off the horse the best option is to get back on the horse. Niklas Ajo, a Finnish motorcyclist, disregarded the popular idiom last week. Ajo most definitely did not get back on after falling off his KTM bike in the Moto3 Dutch Grand Prix. The 20-year-old member of the RBA racing team took the final turn of the GP at Assen a bit too aggressively and was thrown from his seat. What happened next is something the racing world has never seen before.

Unfortunately Ajo, who has been racing professionally since 2011, fell from eighth to 17th place. However, he was thrilled that he did not end up smushed between his bike and the wall.

"[It] was a scary moment," said Ajo after the race to members of the press. "But I wanted to finish the race in any way and I think that was a pretty unique way!"

Unique is an understatement. His miraculous finish stole the spotlight from first place finisher Miguel Oliveira of Portugal who finished the 22 laps in 37'54.427. 

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