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How Do You Pull Historic Cars Out of a Sinkhole? Find Out in Real Time.



You may remember that a few weeks ago the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. was the extremely unlucky host of a giant sinkhole right in the middle of their showroom.

Thankfully, no person was injured, but the 25-30 foot sinkhole swallowed no less than eight Corvettes.

This week began the extraction of said Corvettes, including the first one out -- a ZR1 "Blue Devil" that was driven out of the showroom in good condition.

You can watch them pull out more Corvettes over the museum's live cams, including this one (which should show highlights during any down time):

Video streaming by Ustream

Let's hope the automotive gods are smiling upon the operation and you're able to see more classic cars drive away from the scene.

Chevrolet has offered to help restore the Corvettes pulled from the sinkhole.

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest in Corvette technology with this spotlight on the Stingray from Tech Toys. 

Photo Credit: Image at top provided by the National Corvette Museum.

The most expensive car in the world, crazy eh?


The Most Expensive Car in the World

by Ken Visser


It is simply astounding, just how much some cars have increased in value.  There seems that there is no shortage of gazilliares that are willing to bet big on a finite amount of specialized cars.  And why not?  They perform better then the stock market, as long as you pick the right ones.   

One name dominates the auction market, (both financially and speed wise) Ferrari. Certain vintage Ferraris have been increasing 15% in value yearly, for the past 30 years.  Let's see any stock that can match that!  

The GTO is the king of this particular hill. They were built in very small numbers, 36 to be exact.   I leave it to others to debate whether the 330 LM's should also be counted as GTO's.

The GTO's are the last in the line of cars that you could drive to LeMans, win, then drive home (Maybe second to last, you could include the 275 in this rare club as well.  Nuts, third to last, include the Daytona Competizion.  You get the point.).  It might not have been ultra comfortable, but… what a car! 

And now a Ferrari 250 GTO has been reported to have sold for an astounding 52 million dollars!

Aic12 62 Ferrari 250 gto 3387gt 023 sm
Originally designed as the natural evolution of the 250 SWB (Short Wheel Base) the GTO kept the same dimensions with a surprising adherence to tradition. Using a live rear axle was a typical Ferrari pragmatic engineering, it works, it's reliable, let's use it.  Let the other guys prove that independant suspension is the way to go.  

And history proved this decision right, Ferrari took the International Championship for GT Manufacturers in 62, 63 and 64!


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Why We Love Tech Toys!


It’s pretty simple - when we can finally scrape together some extra cash to buy that completely insane new watch (you know the one that can go underwater or tell time in four different cities around the world), or get that glass pool table that makes you basement the place where everyone wants to hangout – we feel like it’s the holidays, our birthday and that we’ve leveled up to Ron Burgundy status by “Staying Classy.”

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The Grand Ascent Hillclimb 2012


On Tuesday 12/11, you'll get to see a classic episode of Chasing Classic Cars where Wayne Carini goes through his plan to market and then sell th Porsche Special Hill Climb Car. He takes it to the Hershey Hill Climb race to put it through its paces and has a darn good time doing it. But that doesn't stop him from taking it to auction.

THough the Hill Climb took place back in June, we were lucky enough to have Kenneth Visser - automobile fan, blogger and photographer extraordinaire on site and reporting back on the action. Take a walk down memory lane below, and don't forget to tune in to Chasing Classic Cars starting on Tuesday 12/11 starting at 9p.

Another fine tradition has been reignited with the second running of the The Grand Ascent Hillclimb held on the grounds of the Hershey Hotel.  This is a VSCCA sanctioned hill climb exhibition and features a wide variety historic racing cars thundering up a five turn three quarters of a mile long course.  A unique opportunity to see, hear and smell vintage race cars slamming gears.  This event was reignited with the start of the Elegance At Hershey.  We'll talk more about the Concours later.  Let's take a look at some of the neat machinery that was attacking the hill.

Wayne Carini was selected as the Honary Grand Marshall of the Grand Ascent.  He brought his smile and his driving skills to the hill.

Eac12 hc Porsche special 031 lr

Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars took the Bill Rutan VW* special with a 356 four cam motor up the hill.  Wayne spoke about the rides up later "I had a blast"  And his sub 57 second times were reflective of his blistering pace. 


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Experience Scary Fast Test Drives in 360 Degree VIDEO


Ever want to know what it feels like to be a passenger in a super fast test drive? Well, be careful what you wish for.

As you watch the videos below, click and drag your mouse over the streaming image to pan left or right. They're using a camera from GoPano.con that mounts on the dash for these somewhat bumpy rides.

This first one is in a race care on a track. Not sure what top speed he's hitting, but it's up there. Anyone care to guess?

So that was fairly scary, but nothing compared to this next clip. WARNING: Playing both of these streams simultaneously could max out your broadband connection. Best to play them separately.

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