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The Grand Ascent Hillclimb 2012


On Tuesday 12/11, you'll get to see a classic episode of Chasing Classic Cars where Wayne Carini goes through his plan to market and then sell th Porsche Special Hill Climb Car. He takes it to the Hershey Hill Climb race to put it through its paces and has a darn good time doing it. But that doesn't stop him from taking it to auction.

THough the Hill Climb took place back in June, we were lucky enough to have Kenneth Visser - automobile fan, blogger and photographer extraordinaire on site and reporting back on the action. Take a walk down memory lane below, and don't forget to tune in to Chasing Classic Cars starting on Tuesday 12/11 starting at 9p.

Another fine tradition has been reignited with the second running of the The Grand Ascent Hillclimb held on the grounds of the Hershey Hotel.  This is a VSCCA sanctioned hill climb exhibition and features a wide variety historic racing cars thundering up a five turn three quarters of a mile long course.  A unique opportunity to see, hear and smell vintage race cars slamming gears.  This event was reignited with the start of the Elegance At Hershey.  We'll talk more about the Concours later.  Let's take a look at some of the neat machinery that was attacking the hill.

Wayne Carini was selected as the Honary Grand Marshall of the Grand Ascent.  He brought his smile and his driving skills to the hill.

Eac12 hc Porsche special 031 lr

Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars took the Bill Rutan VW* special with a 356 four cam motor up the hill.  Wayne spoke about the rides up later "I had a blast"  And his sub 57 second times were reflective of his blistering pace. 


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Master Chainsaw Artist Steve Blanchard's Work


After holding dozens of odd jobs, a bunch of failures and a lot of hard work, Steve Blanchard found his calling as a chainsaw artist. His first wood carving in 1985 was a mushroom (though he aimed for a redwood tree), and now he makes the most intricate designs.

When we watch Saw Dogs we mostly see Steve Blanchard bossing around the other guys, not often does he pick up the chainsaw himself. But Steve Blanchard truly is a master carver, and here is some proof of that!

All these amazing woodcarvings are done by Steve himself.


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How to Transport Crabs in Your Pickup Truck


Transporting crabs might seem like a straightforward thing to do, but the upcoming episode of Saw Dogs proves that such things aren’t so obvious for everyone. If you put 20 crabs in a bucket without a lid and drive like a maniac, chances are that the crabs will not remain in their buckets. Therefore, for all of you rookies who are trying to have a little crab fest, here is a short guide on how to transport crabs.

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Saw Dogs, Glacier Surfers and Other Equally Manly Jobs


Vel-blog-012612Men these days walk around in offices, wear nice suits and pink polos on the weekends, are clean shaven and smell fresh, and I mean, that’s cool and all, but hardly intimidating when posed with a life-threatening situation, like when some drunk scoundrel tries to fight you at a bar: “Dude, better watch out, Henry is a market analyst!” Or when you go camping in a park filled with hungry grizzlies, “no worries, I’m with Timmy and he’s an orthodontist so we’re good!” Where are the Chuck Norrises these days? Men with bushy hair on their chests, whose shirts rip when they try to point you in the right direction, and those men who will fight a bear with their bare hands when it comes to it? 

Well, here are a few jobs where you could find this type of men, or become this type of man. In fact these jobs are so manly the job description could be summarized in one word: “badass.”

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Velocity Weekly Round Up: Week of January 9th 2012


It was a busy week here at Velocity – we were on the lookout for the best news out of the Detroit International Auto Show, the Dakar Rally and every other place where cars are rolling.

Let’s not waste any time! Off we go…

The Detroit International Auto Show

The Ford Fusion:

The concept cars that hit the blocks at the IAS are all very cool, but could you actually afford or drive any of them? Likely not anytime soon.  So what was the buzz in the “I could actually own one” category?  The 2013 Ford Fusion.  It seems to have won lots of high ratings from the auto blogs covering the show. It has a sleeker updated design and a grand total of FIVE power trains – one naturally aspirated, two turbocharged, one hybrid and one plug in hybrid. This car is jam packed with options and with a projected 26 mpg in the city and 37 mpg highway it’s a real option to take on Japanese models in the mid-size category.


Credit: Rohatynski-Harlow Public Relations, LLC/Detroit International Auto Show

VW Debuts an All-Electric Beetle:

German automaker VW introduced its all-electric E-Bugster concept car. The car is darn cute and while many concept cars look spacey or something out of a futuristic movie, this car actually looks like the next design iteration of the current VW.  In short, you know it’s a Beetle. The car is powered by a 695 lb. Li-ion battery and gives a 100-mile range at full charge. It’s hard to tell where to future of electric vehicles will go given the limited range vehicles introduced to date, but due to it’s pop culture appeal maybe it will help propel greater adoption.


Credit: Rohatynski-Harlow Public Relations, LLC/Detroit International Auto Show

The Plastic Car Bubble    

Sometimes we think so high tech we ignore the low-tech items.  Not so here at Velocity.  We came across this story last week on Technabob – about an inflatable plastic bubble complete with a fan to circulate air around your precious.  The fact that it is see through so you can admire your car is an added bonus.  How much for this strange, yet not entirely crazy snow globe for your car? Starting around $249 and up… 

The Dakar Rally 2011

The infamous long distance, off-road rally was held in South America for the first time this year. It covered 5,025 miles stretching from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lima, Peru. Stephane Peterhansel, France won his tenth Dakar rally but in a first time vehicle entry: a 315-bhp, 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel-powered AWD Mini. After a grueling course this year, only 249 of the 443 vehicles entered in the race made it to the finish.  American Robby Gordon came in fifth in a glorious orange Hummer created cloud of dust. Check out the photos over at Jalopnik.

Consumer Electronic Show

It wasn’t just cars getting the showy treatment last week – the world’s largest consumer electronic show convened in Las Vegas. Traditionally, it’s the forum where big computer and electronic gadget makers debut their special products for the year. A round up of all the blogs who attended seemed to agree the real winner in the laptop stakes was the Dell XPS 13. It seems to be taking a swipe at Apple’s Macbook Air with this incredibly thin (6mm at it’s thinnest point) 11 in. “Ultrabook.” The screen is actually a 13in. despite the footprint because Dell has used a near frameless design; the carbon fiber base also stands out, which Dell claims will make it cooler than other laptops.

Other cool items from CES? Tobii’s Eye Tracking Interface – a system in which and infrared camera tracks where your eye is looking and that’s where the cursor goes allowing you to control items at will.  Some suggest it might replace the mouse or trackpads…stay tuned! 

One other item had people talking – AfterShokz headphones.  Apparently based on military special ops bone conduction technology, these headphones don’t rest in your ear, they rest outside them on the high cheekbones right next to your ear. This leaves your ear open to hear ambient noise around you – something that sounds like a pretty good idea given that report on earphone use leading to increased pedestrian deaths.  Dubious? 18th century composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who was almost completely deaf, tried the technique developed earlier by Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia in which he discovered he could hear music through his jawbone by biting a rod attached to his piano. Now that’s a cool fact.

Classic Wrecks

Looking for something a little more interesting to give your car fan? Check out Classic Wrecks – this guy will makes 1:24 scale models of some classic cars. The big difference is they are less shiny and bright and have more of a left on blocks look about them.  A different approach for sure and yet, strangely appealing.

What a busy week! We also had premieres episodes of our new shows including – One of a Kind, Autoweek's Vinsetta’s Garage and Saw Dogs.  There’s only more to come!

As long as we’re talking, what are your thoughts on electric cars – do you think they will ever become a viable alternative?

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