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The Classic Cars of Glacier National Park


Today marks the 99th birthday of the National Park Service and believe it or not, they don't just preserve nature, they preserve the nostalgia of classic cars. Well, mainly one in particular. 


Meet the Red Buses of Glacier National Park, made by the White Motor Company in 1914. The classic 17-passenger vehicles were designed by Count Alexis de Sakhoffsky, an industrial stylist who collaborated with the White Motor Company and the Bender Body Company, in order to transport sightseers along the mountainous glaciers. To this day, tourists flock to Glacier National Park for a ride back in time. 


Here are some fast facts about the vehicles:
(provided by Glacier National Park Lodges)

  • The color of the Red Buses comes from the Ripe Mountain Ash Berry found within the park.
  • Of the 33 buses on the road today, 17 are from 1936, 11 are from 1937, 4 are from 1938 and 1 is from 1939.
  • The Red Buses have oak frames.
  • The drivers are called “Jammers” because they could be heard “Jamming” the gears of the red buses going up Going-to-the-Sun Road when the buses had standard transmissions
  • There were over 500 White Model 706’s made for different national parks in the US.
  • Women were discouraged from riding in front because they distracted the male drivers.
  • No tours were offered in Glacier between 1943 and 1946 due to fuel rationing caused by the second World War.
  • The Red Buses received their first automatic transmissions in 1989.
  • On the bottom of the grill of the Red Buses, you can still see the area were the crank start used to be.
  • The Red Buses, on average, transport 60,000 tourist each summer through the park.
  • Ford Motor Company donated over $6 Million to restore 33 buses to keep them in operation.
  • The fleet of 33 buses in Glacier are widely considered to be the oldest touring fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world.
  • Each red bus is estimated to be worth $250,000. The Red Buses originally cost $5000 each back in 1936. 

Yearning for more vintage vehicles from the early 1900s? Look no further than this 1903 Ford.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stars in Hilarious Viral Video


When he's not on the zooming on the racetrack or working hard to help underprivileged youth, NASCAR god Dale Earnhardt Jr. is helping the legendary YouTube stars of Dude Perfect depict driving stereotypes. The hilarious video has over one million views since it graced the internet with its presence on Monday.

From the "Dad Inspector" to the "Rage Monster" and "Bumper Sticker Steve", no one is safe from the jokes and jabs. If those jokes aren't up your alley, the video is worth the watch because Dale Jr. rocks out and lip-synchs to Shania Twain and the Spice Girls while riding in the passenger seat. 

Check out when another NASCAR legend was surprised with by Ray on AmeriCARna belowl.

Car Collection Sets Record-High Sale Price


It's no surprise that the first major news story to come out of this week's Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach is about money-- lots and lots of money. A collection of twenty-five vehicles, owned by a single anonymous Floridian car collector tipped the scale at a cool $67 million, surpassing the previous record of $65 million. The collection lived up to its name-- "Pinnacle Portfolio: A Rare Collective of Automotive Distinction".

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 2.23.48 PMrmsothebys

The top car in the collection- '64 Ferrari 250 LM- hammered at $17.6 million. According to the auction's website it is considered "one of the very best in existence" and is the 23rd of only 32 ever produced.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 2.26.46 PMrmsothebys

Bringing in the second heftiest sale price car a '98 McLaren F1 LM, which should for $13.75 million. The speedster was the 63rd and second-to-last road-specification F1 ever built. It now stands as the highest-selling McLaren ever at auction.

Check out the Pinnacle Portfolio cars in the video here and read more about the individual models and their respective documentation here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 2.34.21 PM
Click the image above to watch a video that teaches you how to win at the Concours. 

Epic Party Foul Litters Florida Highway


The southbound lanes of Interstate 75 in Hernando County smelled like a college fraternity house yesterday after an 18-wheeler overturned, spilling thousands of cans of Natural Light ("Natty") into the highway's shoulder. 



According to Highway Patrol, Florida resident Malcolm Jamal Wilcox was in the outside lane passing over Florida State Road 50 on I-75 when a dog traveling in the truck distracted him. As a result, the rig drifted across lanes of traffic. Reportedly, Wilcox reacted by turning too hard in the opposite direction. Unable to maintain control of the vehicle, the truck crashed into the center guard rail which kickstarted an avalanche of cans of Natty.



The 23-year-old driver was ticketed for careless driving, according to the FHP. Traffic was delayed for three hours during the clean-up. No injuries were reported. There is no word if there will be a shortage of beer on Florida's west coast because of this tragic accident.

You know what goes well with beer? Hotdogs. 

Getting to Know You: Garage Squad's Bruno Massel



Catch an all new season of Garage Squad starting Aug 11th at 10/9c only on Velocity.

When did your passion for cars begin?

Bruno: I grew up around the dragstrip watching my dad race, we didn’t go to ballgames, we went to the track!  So I was born a gear head.  My first memories are of racecars, so growing up all I wanted to do was race!  I got my NHRA license before I headed off to college, but in my head I’d been making thousands of runs down the race track since I was 3.  So it’s pretty safe to say my passion for cars began in the womb!

How does it make you feel to help these owners finish their abandoned projects?

Bruno: It’s an awesome feeling to watch these owners dreams turn to reality.  Some of them get pretty emotional and I’m a very emotional guy, there were multiple times this year I was wiping my eyes throughout the day, lol!

What’s the most common mistake you see car owners making while trying to restore their cars?

Bruno: Quite simply, people more often than not get in over their heads.  They have the best intentions and the passion for it, but just don’t have the skill set to take on some of these projects.  The end result usually isn’t pretty and can quite honestly, be dangerous.


What are you most excited for viewers to see this season?

Bruno: The connections that the owners have for their vehicles is really prevalent this season.  I think it’s something that all car guys and gals can connect with and use as motivation to get their own projects up and running.

How would you describe working with the Garage Squad crew?

Bruno: The Garage Squad crew is truly part of my extended family, we spend a lot of time together working on these projects.  Half of the season its cold and rainy the other half ungodly hot and humid, which can make it tough on morale, but its great how we all pull together each week and get the job done.

Describe the worst car you’ve ever had to repair.

Bruno: Without a doubt the Trans Am from season one.  It was rusted out from top to bottom and everything mechanical was a disaster.  We probably should have walked away from that one, but the owner was a really good guy and I think the finished product spoke volumes of what we are able to do when our backs are up against the wall.

What’s usually the biggest challenge during the makeover process?

Bruno: The unexpected!  We usually get blindsided by something on every build.



What’s your go-to song while driving?
Bruno: Anything from the Pearl Jam “10” album.

When did you learn to change a tire?
Bruno: No idea, but I know I was swapping motors on my dad’s race cars in junior high.

What’s on your key ring?
Bruno: A surf board, always wanted to learn how

What is your favorite food?
Bruno: Pasta, both my mom and wife are Italian and terrific cooks!

If you have a custom license plate, what would it be?
Bruno: BMAN

Give us your best car joke.
Bruno: Ohh…that’s a tough one, I got nothin! 

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