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The next big technological breakthrough is always around the corner. What starts in a think-tank as a mere "what if" moves to production then eventually into to the market. Each time, the envelope is pushed a little bit further and others fight to uncover something more efficient, more intelligent, more exciting. 

To keep track of all the changes and to help explain it all is Translogic, a web series from The show, hosted by Aussie Jonathon Buckley, navigates the latest in transportation technology and explores where mass transit, concept cars, electric vehicles and new transportation converge. It's everything you need to stay on top of what's trending.

Take for instance, when Buckley hopped on a Lightning LS-218. This revolutionary bike boasts a top speed of 218 mph -- keep in mind the Hennessey Venom GT maxes out at 270 mph. The model enlists a 150 kW electric motor to supply 200 horsepower and some serious torque. 

If you like what you see, you're in luck! Translogic is branching out from the internet and joining Velocity's Wednesday night programming. Tune in and get an exclusive look at the coolest technology invading the industry.

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This is the Only List You Need

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A simple web search of "Bucket-List" accumulates scores of links to articles telling you that you must travel to the world, you must skydive, and you must learn a foreign language before you pass away. However, there is only one list you need to be concerned about if you have a need for speed, a love for the open road, or a sense of adventure. Forget kissing in the rain and try driving on two wheels.

The List, a digital series created by the folks at Autoblog, is out to check off 1001 car things to do before you die. So far, they've conquered tasks like visiting the birthplace of the Ferrari to escaping a vehicle as it sinks to the bottom of a body of water. To top it all off, there's a familiar face on the show! Former All Girls Garage star Jessi Combs joins host Patrick McIntyre. 

Check out the highlights from when The List conquered off-road racing for a glimpse at what the excitement is all about.

After seeing how much fun The List was having, Velocity wanted to join in the bucket-list trend. Our first quest? Getting The List on our team. 

This week, we can finally check off our first bucket-list item as we welcome The List to our programming on Wednesday nights.

Read the full press release here

Dream Cars, Did Someone Say Dream Cars?


Editor's Note: Contributor Ken Visser is an Automotive Photographer and Concours Judge, as well as a Computer Tech at Discovery Communications. He's an enthusiast of generally anything that moves and is excited to share his work with Velocity fans. Reach out to him about his incredible photographs at 

So Velocity is running Dream Car Week.  That got me to thinking about what are my dream cars? That's a tough question to digest.  I had to break it into genres of cars.  So I figured I'd start with some exotics.

LaFerrari mcClaren 048 sm

You might be hard pressed to start with two more exotic automobiles.  On the left we have the McLaren P1.  It only produces an anemic 903-hp gas/hybrid from its 707 hp V8 plus 170 electric motor.  If you are one of the 375 lucky potential owners, you'll cough up a good 1.2 million.  That hefty price gets you zero to sixty in 2.7 seconds and the governor restricts your top speed to 217 mph.

And what about that redhead on the right?  That's your very mundane LaFerrari.  Here we have a 6.3 liter V12 creating 788 hp at 9250 rpm redline.  Then you add the 161 hp electric motor. 499 people will have the chance to land one for 1.3 million dollars.  That bags you zero to sixty in 2.4 seconds and a mfr limited 217 mph.  

The photo taken at the Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance last year.  It took some convincing of the handlers on both sides.  We had a 918 on site as well (see below) but we couldn't find the keys to the Porsche.  Interesting to see them in proximity.  Take note of the similar door structures and other details. 

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Dream Car Week Lineup


Wake up because Dream Car Week is right around the corner. To help you plan ahead, here's a list of what Velocity is offering, so you can clear your hectic schedule or set your DVR. 

MONDAY--- How It's Made: Dream Cars

Superformance GT40 (9/8c)


Falcon F7 (9:30/8:30c)

Porsche 918 Spyder (10/9c)

McLaren 650S (10:30/9:30c)




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Why 38?


Editor's Note: Contributor Ken Visser is an Automotive Photographer and Concours Judge, as well as a Computer Tech at Discovery Communications. He's an enthusiast of generally anything that moves and is excited to share his work with Velocity fans. Reach out to him about his incredible photographs at 

Flip flops, I hate flip flops.  Now let me tell you why.  The other day I'm stopped at a light by the Damascus High School minding my own business.  I just happen to glance at my rear view mirror and I get a glimpse of headlights.  

Lady behind me was wearing flip flops.  They get tangled up in the pedals and she hits the gas.  No braking involved, so she hits me square on the bumper, which translates the energy through me into the trailer hitch attached to the Explorer in front of me.  

Needless to say, my car takes the double whammy and off to the Damascus Motors autobody for repair we go. With that, I get a rental-- a Dodge Charger.  I look like a cop in this thing!  After driving it for a few days, I took notice that the volume highest setting is 38.  

Thirty-eight?  What corporate group think study group came up with that number?  

Car 38 sm lr

So 38. Not 11 for you Spinal Tap folks.  Or 42 for you Hitch Hikers Guide the To The Universe fans. But 38.  I would have loved to listen to that bureaucratic debate.  "Well our survey shows that our male demographic is looking for something more impressive.  I say 57."  "Well Biff, too much in my mind.  I think a gentler scale 0 to 10."  "William the third, the boys at Ford have higher numbers on their cars.  We're talking 0 to 77."  "We must not lose the MVN (Maximum Volume Number) race.  Let's have another 3 studies"

Let's see what the MVN is in your car.  Looking forward to documenting what other manufacturers are doing out there.Now for your further entertainment, since we are looking at radios, let's look at what holds them, the dashboard.  Here are a couple I picked from my archives.

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