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McLaren Prototype Release Party


Editor's Note: Contributor Ken Visser is an Automotive Photographer and Concours Judge, as well as a Computer Tech at Discovery Communications. He's an enthusiast of generally anything that moves and is excited to share his work with Velocity fans. Reach out to him about his incredible photographs at 

I had the good fortune of being on the receiving end of an invitation to go check out the pre-release party for the brand new McLaren 570-S.  The star-studded event was held at the Longview Gallery on 9th St. NW in Washington DC.

And of course, what do you think the first thing we see in front of the gallery?

McClaren15 prototype 092 lr sm

The first of five McLaren 650S models that were on site!  This British supercar delivers 671 hp to the rear wheels.  Starting around $270,000 for the coupe and $283,000 for the convertible, this speedster will dominate a highly competitive market with a finite number of potential consumers.  

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Car Show at Junkyard Empire


Editor's Note: Contributor Ken Visser is an Automotive Photographer and Concours Judge, as well as a Computer Tech at Discovery Communications. He's an enthusiast of generally anything that moves and is excited to share his work with Velocity fans. Reach out to him about his incredible photographs at 

Andy Cohen of Junkyard Empire hosted his 3rd Annual Rally in the Alley.  The show was held the Damascus Motors headquarters.  Rhona Leffler - co/owner and VP of DMC along with their team put on a great day of cars, kids, hero dogs and activities for all!  Andy, Rhona and Mark "The Pope" Hipsley brought in nearly 200 registered cars, of all sorts and sizes. 

Andy15 dmc front lot 406 lr smHere we see the consignment showroom to the left featuring some top notch restored and modified American Iron.  Out front we see a razor sharp Lamborghini Murcielago along with some very nice Vettes and other Chevies. 

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Classic Car Comeback?


Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.59.20 AM

A bill introduced to the House of Representatives looks to allow small auto manufacturers to produce, market and sell drivable replicas of classic cars. The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015 will allow companies that sell less than 5,000 vehicles annually worldwide to assemble and sell exact visual replicas of the classics. Current legislation requires companies to sell classic cars as kits that owners must assemble themselves or through third-party auto shop.

H.R. 2675 defines a classic car as one built a minimum of 25 years ago. According to the text of the legislation, the vehicle must be "manufactured under a license for the product configuration, trade dress, trademark or patent for the motor vehicle that is intended to be replicated from the original manufacturer, its successors or assignees, or current owner of such rights".

Backing the bill are Reps. Gene Green of Texas and Mark Mullin of Oklahoma and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

"The bill introduced by Reps. Mullin and Green will allow US companies to produce turn-key replicas of older vehicles that are virtually impossible to build under today's restrictive one-size-fits-all regulatory framework," said SEMA chief Chris Kersting in a press release.

Though the designs will be blasts from the past, the engines must meet modern emission and equipment standards. Companies that produce such cars will only be permitted to sell up to 500 vehicles per year nationally. Each vehicle would be issued a federal Vehicle Identification Number.

On the list of excited gear heads backing the bill is Lance Stander, who told Fox News his company Superformance would likely grow from 20 to 100 employees if the bill passes. Stander's company sells replicas of the Shelby Cobra and Ford GT40 amongst others- all without engines and transmissions. 

Find out how Stander's crew builds the Shelby Cobra replica, the MKIII, on Saturday's How It's Made: Dream Cars. Tune in on June 20 at 8/7c.

View the full bill proposal here.


Rolling out to Barrett Jackson


Recently recieved a fun invite, to photograph, blog and interview at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale sale.  This is the world's pre-eminent automotive auction.  I remember being spellbound at a friend's house in the 90's, watching cool cars cruise up the carpet with a definitive value now attached to them.  

To celebrate the event thought we'd look at some of the interesting objects on the list and maybe a few followup photos from other events.

The first one that caught my eye was this wild custom 1937 Cord Westchester Custom


(photo courtesy Barrett-Jackson)

I've always loved the lines on the Cords.  I never thought about hot rodding such a vehicle and there are a host of folks that would question the exercise.  

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How Do You Pull Historic Cars Out of a Sinkhole? Find Out in Real Time.



You may remember that a few weeks ago the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. was the extremely unlucky host of a giant sinkhole right in the middle of their showroom.

Thankfully, no person was injured, but the 25-30 foot sinkhole swallowed no less than eight Corvettes.

This week began the extraction of said Corvettes, including the first one out -- a ZR1 "Blue Devil" that was driven out of the showroom in good condition.

You can watch them pull out more Corvettes over the museum's live cams, including this one (which should show highlights during any down time):

Video streaming by Ustream

Let's hope the automotive gods are smiling upon the operation and you're able to see more classic cars drive away from the scene.

Chevrolet has offered to help restore the Corvettes pulled from the sinkhole.

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest in Corvette technology with this spotlight on the Stingray from Tech Toys. 

Photo Credit: Image at top provided by the National Corvette Museum.

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