Selfies and Cars Don't Mix


If you're an adrenaline hunter and adventurist, chances are you own a GoPro camera and a host of filming accessories. Documenting deep-water dives, car drifting, and off-roading has never been so easy. Unfortunately, the ease of the equipment doesn't stop people from focusing a little too much on capturing beautiful footage and a little less on their surroundings. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.49.40 AM
Alex Lopatnyuk/YouTube

Alex Lopatnyuk of Oakland, Florida was headed out with a group of friends to track and hunt alligators when he decided to utilize a selfie-stick for the first time, according to YouTube. His attention was diverted from the dirt road and the white pickup he was trailing. His Jeep Wrangler's windshield took quite a beating. 

A new Wrangler windshield could put Lopatnyuk back a few hundred bucks, but luckily, no one was injured in the selfie mishap. The two videos Lopatnyuk uploaded to YouTube after the crash boast over 2 million views. Lopatnyuk took to Facebook after going viral: "This is why you shouldn't text and drive or try to take a selfie and drive, this is a PSA!". 

Getting to Know You: Dallas Car Sharks' Martha Davis


33065_ep201_021Dallas Car Sharks returns with an all new season Wednesday at 10/9c only on Velocity.
Martha Davis hails as the only female shark, but she doesn't let anything stand in the way of showing the boys who's boss. Be sure to keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.
What’s the number one thing you look for when purchasing a car?
Martha: The first thing I do is research the market and economy before I even go to the auction. It's not what you buy but if you are going to be able to sell it. To me, the market dictates what I buy. I may love a  certain type of car that isn't marketable that week, so I am a flexible buyer. When I look at a car I want to buy of course looks draw me in just like a retail customer. I don't care what year it is, newer or older, but it has to draw my attention. Then I go for smells-- such as smells in the engine-- whether I smell an oil burner, or antifreeze leak. Smells tell a lot about the car, after that I listen to the engine to see how it sounds. Like everything, it's still a toss of the dice, everything is a gamble.
What’s one modification a new owner can make that can really revamp their new used car?
Martha: The first thing to do on a car you buy is to change fluids, so that you know what mileage to follow, and can maintain from that day forward. Then get a full detail, if it wasn't already done. That makes it feel like a new car to you. A compound and buff can do wonders for a used car.

Is there a car you’ve bought that you’ve immediately regretted?
Martha: Of course over the many years there are cars I have said I wished I hadn't bought thats why this business is not for the faint of heart!
What sets you apart from the other sharks?
Martha: The main thing that sets me apart from the other sharks is that I'm a woman and also the longevity of time I've been in the car business.
What’s your favorite aspect of an auction?
Martha: The auction is all about making a deal. You make your money when you buy the car, but with so much competition that's not an easy task. Having the experience to know what my shop can repair and what I can restore and still make money on is a blessing. I would not want to be new in the car business in this day and time!
What’s your best piece of advice for the average car buyer looking to purchase a used vehicle?
Martha: GET A SECOND OPINION! Check out the car at a reputable mechanic shop, hopefully someone you are familiar with. If its too good to be true, beware! Don't impulse buy.
What occupies your schedule when you’re not working on Dallas Car Sharks?
Martha: Work takes up a lot of time but after that it's my family. My husband and I are empty-nesters now that the boys are grown and my daughter is a senior in college. We had to develop life after kids. We have been going to cooking and wine classes and have really enjoyed trying different dishes. Also we have gotten into seeing some of the Beetle clone groups Fab Four and Hard Days Night. Maybe we will become Groupies!
What’s your go-to song while driving?
Martha: I don't listen to the radio in the car at all, its the only quiet time I have!
What’s your favorite car?
Martha: My favorite car is the one that makes me money.
When did you learn to change a tire?
Martha: I learned at an early age. Call somebody to change a tire, though. There are more important things to learn. That's why they make Fix-A-Flat. 
What’s on your key ring?
Martha: My exercise place fob.
What is your favorite food?
Martha: All food is my favorite especially if I made it.
If you have a custom license plate, what would it be?
Martha: Mother hen.

#DallasCarSharks returns in just a few days with a brand new shark!

Posted by Velocity on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Getting to Know You: Dallas Car Sharks' Frank Cortese


33065_ep212_008Dallas Car Sharks returns with an all new season Wednesday at 10/9c only on Velocity.
Frank Cortese is a new face on Dallas Car Sharks and he's giving the veteran crew a run for their money. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.
What’s the number one thing you look for when purchasing a car?
Frank: The structure of the car. If the body and frame is nice it's a good canvas to start on.
What’s one modification a new owner can make that can really revamp their new used car?
Frank: If they have fuel injection adding a cold air intake!

What sets you apart from the other sharks? 
Frank: I think it's the quality of my cars and passion of my builds.
Is there a car you’ve bought that you’ve immediately regretted? 
Frank: Too many to list! That's how you learn.
What’s your best piece of advice for the average car buyer looking to purchase a used vehicle? 
Frank: Take your time, do your research, if you don't know cars well, take someone with you that does!
What’s your favorite aspect of an auction? 
Frank: The thrill of the buy!
What occupies your schedule when you’re not working on Dallas Car Sharks? 
Frank: Working my butt off at Earth Motorcars buying and selling more cars!!!!!
What’s your go-to song while driving? 
Frank: Back in Black by AC/DC.
What’s your favorite car? 
Frank: 1963 Split Window LS7 
When did you learn to change a tire? 
Frank: To long ago to remember! Maybe at 7.
What’s on your key ring? 
Frank: A key to my Truck!
What is your favorite food? 
Frank: Anything Italian
If you have a custom license plate, what would it be? 
Frank: I have one! It's Earth2.


An all new #DallasCarSharks season is just around the corner!

Posted by Velocity on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Man Jumps from Burning Vehicle


What do you do to celebrate the end of the summer in Alabama? The answer, according to a group of six 21-year old dudes is simple-- light a car on fire, launch it off of a hill and perform one of the most insane amateur vehicle jumps to ever circulate the internet. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.25.46 AM

The video, uploaded on Sept 8 by aguyfromalabama has already accumulated over 750,000 views. The entire thing looks like something out of a summer blockbuster action flick. However, Jed Huie, the "brave soul" who can be seen flying out of the vehicle, did hold his nose upon hitting the water. YouTube commenters are less than impressed by that rookie mistake. Check out the full stunt below.

Huie is still active on social media, so it's safe to assume that he did in fact survive the jump. Got a thing for flames? Here's a hot Overhaulin' deception for ya! 

Getting to Know You: Garage Squad's Joe Zolper


Catch an all new episode of Garage Squad Tuesday at 10/9c only on Velocity.

When did your passion for cars begin?
Joe: It began as a young child going to car shows with my father and my family and tearing apart my toys trying to make them faster and figure out how they worked.
How does it make you feel to help these owners finish their projects?
Joe: It makes me feel real good! There's nothing better than taking our knowledge and being able to teach the owner how to finish his car, work on it, and see him get to drive away in it. Months later they're still sending me pictures with the car and their families. It's awesome.

How do you balance working on the show and Prison City Customs?
Joe: Usually I'm burning the candle at both ends. All day on set, late hours in the shop at night. But luckily I have a lot of good customers that I consider my friends. They are doing what they have to do to help me take on the challenges of Garage Squad. They are very understanding and are willing to wait for me to work on their cars and bikes.
34025_ep210_023How would you describe working with the Garage Squad crew?
Joe: I love working with my guys. I think that there is nothing that we can't tackle and be able to put our hearts into and do what it takes to get a job done.

Describe the worst car you ever had to repair?
Joe: Well it wasn't a car-- it was in R model Mack Truck. I just can't stand doing transmissions and  clutch jobs in those things.
Whats usually the biggest challenge during the makeover process?
Joe: Getting parts fast enough or on time and keeping my guys busy and trying to plan two or three days in advance. And of course anyone who has built a car will tell you that the parts don't always fit! It makes for a real adventure.


What’s your go-to song while driving?
Joe: AC/DC Hells Bells or something with Dr. Dre.
When did you learn to change a tire?  
Joe: When I was about seven years old. 
What's on your key ring?
Joe: Believe it or not I have spare keys from cars I've owned 10 years ago, still on my key ring. I have no idea why!
What's your favorite food?
Joe: Cheeseburgers and fries!
If you have a custom license plate what would it be?
Joe: Blew by u'

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