SEMA Day 1: Crowdsourced Design, Soccer Mom Car Shaken Up and an Insane Toyota Build


by Eileen Marable

What’s got everyone talking at SEMA as it kicked off yesterday? Lexus and its 2014 IS sport sedan that will receive a radical tuning based on a concept that has been sweeping everything from science projects to solving health problems: crowdsourcing. After all, who better to dream up what a car could and should be but a group of potential drivers, and in this case it is the largest online social network, deviantART. These are some creative and edgy designers and that’s exactly what Lexus was looking for in a winning design, so they put out the call to the community to see what they would come up with, and the result was WOW.

We were lucky enough to have our on-site reporter, Emily Kaiser, take a picture of what the car looks like pre-build. And don’t worry – we’ll be there to try and elbow our way to the front to get the photo of the finished product. It’s kind of a must when you see the design Lexus has put out showing what the winning design looks like.

Here's the before:

  SEMA Day 1.7 deviantART Lexus set up

 And here's the design for the "after" - will it live up to the wicked styling. Man, we hope so!

Photo courtesy of Jalopnik

One of the other things that caught our eye is the Toyota Camry that’s been totally tricked out into a rally car. We let our minds wander back to our youth and picture our mom’s coming screaming over a hill complete with the fog lights blinding everyone in her path to pick us up from school… What can we say. We LOVE rally cars as you can tell by our Eurosport coverage on the weekends.

Courtesy of SEMA

But back to reality, this rally car is just one of an insane Toyota 2013 Dream Build Challenge  where NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman designed the above rally car, and BMW rider Drew Bezanson dreamed up a killer Corolla that apparently could temporarily arrest your hearing with all the gear in the trunk. Supercross stars Justin Brayton and Josh Grant were thinking outdoor action with their Moto Tundra tricked out with every possible need to take over a desert or the snow covered mountain for some action, and lastly Freestyle skier Simon Dumont with a 4Runner designed to be an awesome ski friendly machine.

Check back with us later as we post an exclusive gallery from Emily’s wanderings of the show floor. There are some sexy – and sensible – rides out there. We may love the flash but it takes all kinds in the automotive world, right?

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