The most expensive car in the world, crazy eh?


The Most Expensive Car in the World

by Ken Visser


It is simply astounding, just how much some cars have increased in value.  There seems that there is no shortage of gazilliares that are willing to bet big on a finite amount of specialized cars.  And why not?  They perform better then the stock market, as long as you pick the right ones.   

One name dominates the auction market, (both financially and speed wise) Ferrari. Certain vintage Ferraris have been increasing 15% in value yearly, for the past 30 years.  Let's see any stock that can match that!  

The GTO is the king of this particular hill. They were built in very small numbers, 36 to be exact.   I leave it to others to debate whether the 330 LM's should also be counted as GTO's.

The GTO's are the last in the line of cars that you could drive to LeMans, win, then drive home (Maybe second to last, you could include the 275 in this rare club as well.  Nuts, third to last, include the Daytona Competizion.  You get the point.).  It might not have been ultra comfortable, but… what a car! 

And now a Ferrari 250 GTO has been reported to have sold for an astounding 52 million dollars!

Aic12 62 Ferrari 250 gto 3387gt 023 sm
Originally designed as the natural evolution of the 250 SWB (Short Wheel Base) the GTO kept the same dimensions with a surprising adherence to tradition. Using a live rear axle was a typical Ferrari pragmatic engineering, it works, it's reliable, let's use it.  Let the other guys prove that independant suspension is the way to go.  

And history proved this decision right, Ferrari took the International Championship for GT Manufacturers in 62, 63 and 64!


Aic12 62 Ferrari gto lake sm
And then there is the body…  Originally designed by Giotto Bizzarrini who famously left Ferrari in 1961. Scaglietti refined the shape, putting the finishing touches, IMHO, on the most beautiful car (and now the most expensive!), period. The above photo was taken at the 2012 Amelia Island Concours.  It's one of my favorite shots from the day.

Aic12 62 Ferrari 330 LM 3765SA 042 sm
The heart of the beast is the dry sump version of the Colombo 3.0 liter V-12 with 300 horsepower. The 6 dual weber carburators are a sight to behold.  There's a bunch of tuning that is required but it's rock solid when setup correctly.


Aic12 62 Ferrari 250 gto 3387GT 004 r1sm
And they are not all red!  I love this blue (Blu Genziana for the purists), showing off the beautiful lines of the Bizzarinni/Scaglietti design.  This is chassis number 3387 and considered the second prototype.  It raced at Sebring in 1962, piloted to first in class, second overall by Phil Hill and Olivier Gendabien


Aic12 62 Ferrari 250 GTO 4091GT 06 r1 sm
Here is chassis number 4091, a series 1 250 GTO that was rebodied by the factory in 1963 in the Series 2 form.  There were four series 1 GTOs that came in for this updated body.

So Chassis 5111 has sold for a reported 52 million dollars.  Is it too much?  Well, evidently, not for one gentleman.  Only time will tell.  

What will be interesting is to see if Nick Mason of Pink Floyd fame or Rob Walton of Wallmart or any number of other well heeled GTO owners are willing to give up their membership to this most exclusive club.

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