Velocity Remembers Imre Molnar


Many times we are more focused on those personalities in the auto business that are in the public eye – popular race drivers, auto reviewers and the like. Today, we at Velocity acknowledge a man who, though well known in the automotive industry, many wouldn’t immediately recognize. 

That man is Imre Molnar, the academic chief at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, who passed away suddenly last week. 

The College where he chose to make his career over the past eleven years is where the future of car design is nurtured. It’s where young designers learn their craft in the same halls that turned out famed designers such as Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo, Chrysler’s Ralph Gilles and the likes of Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell. 

Imre Molnar  Image Credit: Autoweek

Molnar had a long history in automotive design, consulting for the biggest names in the business – from Ford to Volkswagen and many others in between. Although described as the ultimate car guy – one who appreciated what was under the hood as much as what was around it – he was design director for clothing maker Patagonia and as an operations director for design consulting firm Hauser Inc. 

Perhaps the most fitting tribute for a man who lived his life as a designer comes from our friends at Autoweek, who will miss his opinions featured in their magazine and his presence at their annual Design Forum held at his school. Despite the demands on his time and expertise, the challenge for Molar was always fostering the next generation.

Autoweek’s Associate Publisher/Editorial Director wrote a tribute to his friend and colleague Imre Molnar, which touched on his lasting legacy. Mandel wrote:

“It’s one thing to design. It’s quite another to shape many, many of those who design.”

Because Molnar chose to focus on shaping future designers over his own designers, he’s ensured critical thinking and visual originality in the automobile market for years to come.

Thank you Imre Molnar.

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