Looking for a new sleigh? Mecum’s Live Tomorrow at 4/3c!


It’s a Wonderful Life Just aired a few days ago and there is the famous line, “Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings!”  Well, if that quaint little bit of cinema history is true, I guess a lot of angels will be getting their wings in the middle of the Mecum Auction that starts tomorrow at 4/3c!

There is nothing like a Mecum Auction any time of year to get us excited – but the bells, whistles and all that red seem to be very festive in December. How can you not watch? And each time you hear a bell or a gong (and just so it’s an extra special holiday we’ll revise the bell legend to include bangs of the gavel and shouting too). We can’t have too many angels – especially those looking over beautiful cars.

Plus there’s the fact that some of those cars might be gifts for someone. Can you imagine a classic car with a big red bow on top sitting in someone’s driveway (or garage for those of us with the non-friendly weather)?  Even if it is someone’s gift to themselves after years of saving it warms the heart.

Pontiac Ram
Even Santa might want a new pair of wheels...like this 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV   Photo: Mecum

Then there are the cars. 750 beauts should be rolling over the block over the next few days and we hope you’ll be with us for every special dream machine.  

So be sure to stick with us starting tomorrow at 4/3c. The auction runs through Saturday, so just our schedule for when the action is live. Plus after the auction ends, we’ll be posting a list of the top ten sellers so you can see which cars were the hot properties.

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