What is Overhaulin’ Deconstructed? We Like To Tinker Too, So Tune-In Tonight!


What’s the difference between a regular Overhaulin’ and an Overhaulin Deconstructed? The answer is simple guys, its YOU! 

You see, we absolutely love the comments you send to us via Facebook and Twitter so we decided to pick up some of our favorites and combine them with an episode of Overhaulin – you could call it a social reload of one of your favorites.

Remember the ’65 Impala episode a Marine Corps veteran sold his prized car to support his family? Who could forget that one – lots of tears and a kickass car to boot. Well, we’re airing it at 9p e/p tonight along with your comments, extra footage, factoids and even some tweets from our hosts – because we know that’s the stuff YOU love. O.K., we love it too!

We hope you’ll join in Overhaulin Deconstructed tonight at 9p e/p and get a new look at the show that we decided to tinker with tuner style.

Don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter/#Overhaulin.  Who knows…your tweet might just add that extra viewer-velocity that a future Overhaulin’ Deconstructed needs. 


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