Find Out Wayne’s Favorite Part About the 1949 Vertias….


Here’s a car you don’t see every day. It’s the more than unusual 1949 Veritas, a post WWII roadster that looks like it came from Mars.

Tonight on Chasing Classic Cars starting at 8p e/p, Wayne gets a look at quite a few interesting cars – some from the famed Lee Hartung Collection. We have some sneak peak footage for you of Wayne checking out this very rare and interesting model from Veritas.

What’s cool about this car is that the Veritas designers Ernst Loof, Georg Meier and Lorenz Dietrich started out with re-built and tuned pre-war BMW 328 cars and some parts supplied by a customer. Isn’t it great to know there were tuners way back when? The result was the BMW-Veritas.

The car went on to have some racing success in the 2-litre class, but after BMW decided they didn’t like the hack on their cars the company built their own and became know simply as Veritas.

As you’ll see tonight, the Veritas is has a sleek snub nose, but when you get to the tail end it looks like a early version of the Batmobile. Have a look in our sneak peek below. Chasing Classic Cars airs tonight at 8:00 and 8:30p e/p tonight and there’s and all new episode at 10:00p e/p. Don’t miss Wayne uncovering some unconventional models and coming up against some indecisive buyers…Wayne always has his hands full on the quest for cool cars.

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