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There has been a recent run of luxury car releases that are guaranteed to leave you with your jaw on the ground. These are some HOT looking cars. Many of these also have some special feature or story behind them that make them unique.

In honor of the all new season of Fifth Gear, tonight at 10pm E/P we thought we’d showcase a few of the cars that have been catching our eye. The Fifth Gear team will be providing their expert opinion on cars just like these – and of course, there is the test drive. You’ll want to tune in every Wednesday at 10p E/P to see them do their thing with other “sexy beasts” that are hitting the streets.

The Electric Mercedes Benz SLS AMG claims to be the world’s most powerful series production electric car. There’s 740hp underneath that stunning blue carriage. You can rocket from 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. It’s so fast, its top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph; it also has a max battery range of 155 miles.

Source: Mashable 

Maserati cabrio
The Maserati GranCabrio MC has a 460hp 4.7L V8 engine, a top speed of 179mph and goes from 0 to 60mph in 4.9 seconds. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission, Brembo brakes and a monocoque chassis.

Source: The Awesomer

The McLaren P1, rumored to go into production in 2012 is supposed to out perform the current McLaren supercar the MP4-12C. The MP4-12C already makes 616 hp and 443 pound-feet of torque, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the P1 at somewhere near 700hp.

Source: Autoblog 

The Cadillac VR1200 Twin Turbo Coupe starts out as an already-impressive CTS-V, with a 556 hp, 6.2-liter V8. Hennessey Tuners increased displacement to 7.0 liters, added a pair of turbochargers, an air-to-water intercooler, and  heavy-duty fuel injectors. The result is 1,226 hp and 1,109 lb-ft of torque - more power than any production car.

Source: Digital Trends  

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