What’s a Car Called “The Judge” Worth?


There’s nothing the team from What’s My Car Worth loves more than getting their hands on an unusual find – and of course the more rare the better right? Those kinds of cars can carry significant value – in addition to the personal attachment the owner holds.

Well you’ve probably guessed by now that today’s mini-marathon is dedicated to What’s My Car Worth?  You can tune in starting at 4:00p E/P to see some pretty amazing cars – everything from classics from the ‘30s to muscle cars.

There’s one muscle car in particular that gets appraised in one of tonight’s episodes. If you tune in at 8:00p E/P you’ll see a car affectionately called “The Judge.” The Judge** is really a new model Pontiac GTO that was made between 1969 and 1971. 

 Caption: A 1969 GTO "Judge"  Image|Wikimedia Commons

The idea was it would be a stripped down GTO (can you imagine?) that would make it competitive with the Plymouth Road Runner. Fortunately someone along the line decided what they REALLY should do is make it more muscle – the ultimate in street performance and styling.

The extras included a Ram Air III engine, Rally II wheels without trim rings, a unique T-bar Hurst shifter, wider tires, a rear spoiler and some pretty cool decals.

Now, you’d expect a beast like that to be worth quite a bit if it’s in good condition. You’ll have to tune in to see what it is worth when the year of this “The Judge” model is revealed – especially when it’s discovered it has only 44 miles on the odometer. Be still my heart.

Speaking of my heart, it’s actually beating pretty fast because we are getting ready to air a brand new season of What’s My Car Worth?  What's My Car Worth? Season 4 will air Wednesdays, beginning August 15, 8p E/P.  That’s NEXT WEEK guys!!!! Check out the awesome promo the Velocity Crew has put together which gives you some hints about the new season...


**BTW, for those of you who were wondering how tonight’s dream machine “The Judge” got it’s name, it was from a famous comedy routine called “Here Come de Judge” on the Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In TV show.  As you can imagine, Pontiac made full use of the name for their ad campaigns using slogans like, “All Rise for the Judge,” and “This Judge Can Be Bought.” Naughty boys!


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