What Does a Movie Villain Drive? A Stunning Concept Roadster


If ever a movie car was going to leave us breathless it would probably by the “1942 V16 Hydra Schmidt Roadster.” Likely you’ll forget all about the Batmobile.

This movie car was created to be the personal car of Johann Schmidt alias Red Skull – and Captain America’s nemesis. Red Skull is the ultimate baddie, not only being one of Hitler’s henchmen but also a member of a secret terrorist society called Hydra. With access to alien technology the Hydra Roadster earned the title of the fastest fictitious car in the comics.


Of course all of this comes to us courtesy of the comics and the movie version of Marvel Comic's classic, Captain America. The Red Skull car used in the movie was created by a former concept car designer – Daniel Simon. It seems he preferred to make creations that add to movie magic.

Despite the rolling beauty of the styling – clearly holding to the 1940s design aesthetic – it definitely looks mean, large and befitting a movie villain. In fact, the car is built off a truck chassis and uses truck wheels – with dualies in the back.

Simon’s vision for the body was based off the Mercedes-Benz 540K and vintage Duesenberg and Bentleys. Personally, I can see the Duesenberg come through loud and clear.

Under the hood of the fictional vintage car lurks a V8 dragster engine. That’s just fine for the movie version though I suspect Red Skull would be hiding some rocket power or some other sinister equipment.

Check out the video below and as Daniel Simon has created concept cars for other movies (like Tron) and special projects, you might enjoy seeing his work on his site.


Source: Autoblog

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