McLaren Unveils The X-1; There’s One Happy Owner Out There


We say there is “a” happy owner because the McLaren X-1 is completely one of a kind; one anonymous buyer will be taking this car back to their collection. It’s the ultimate bespoke – unique design, handcrafted – car creation

High-end car brands will often create bespoke cars for high-end buyers. Most luxury buyers will have something they want to add or modify and the big brands are always more than happy to accommodate.

McLaren has now one-upped the bespoke stakes with the X-1. The X-1 is based on McLaren’s MP4-12C chassis and uses the same carbon MonoCell underpinning, but per the client’s request it is a completely custom car with a carbon fiber frame.

Credit: McLaren

Visually it will stop you, but perhaps not just because it is a top of the line machine. It might stop you because to look at it you aren’t sure whether it is meant to be inspired by the future or the past. It has some sharp angles you’d expect from cars of the ‘50s, but it is undeniably a modern car – especially from the rear view – and that makes for an interesting mix.

In fact, C/Net reports the design was inspired by a few historic cars like the ’53 Chrysler D’Elegance Ghia, ’59 Buick Electra and the ’39 Mercedes-Benz 540K. That’s a lot of different styling and you can see it in the car, but it actually seems to work. 

The X-1 uses a carbon fiber frame and while the sides are heavily styled with deep scoops and covered rear wheels, though the panels above them are hinged to reveal the custom tires.

What about under the hood? It uses the same 3.8 liter six cylinder, with twin turbos that generate 592 hp as the MP4-12C. A power-operated rear wing will help act as an airbrake.

Credit: McLaren

The McLaren X-1 was just released at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and McLaren indicates the buyer held a design competition to make the vehicle. McLaren’s Hong Yeo won the honor.

There’s no word on who the very lucky owner is, but the word is they already own a few McLaren models. Since there is only one X-1, keep your eyes peeled…there’s likely no mistaking it if you see it on the road. That is if the owner lets it out of their garage.




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