Why Is It Called Graveyard Carz? Here’s why…


With Graveyard Carz about to hit Velocity tomorrow it’s understandable that you are just dying to know more about the show. We’ve already told you that the crew is going to be taking wrecked muscle cars and restoring them to original equipment, assembly line condition…and you’re thinking, “Great! I love restoration shows.”

It’s because you love restorations that we wanted to show you just exactly what the Graveyard Carz team is going to be dealing with. We’re going to show you why it’s called Graveyard Carz. It’s because these cars don’t just need a few simple repairs and a few bangs to the panels.

Seriously, these cars need to be completely resurrected. 

Caption: Seems innocent enough...

The team, led by Mark “The Warmachine” Worman, are going to have to work some serious magic to get these Mopar racing classics across the finish line every week. As a Chrysler muscle car specialist seen as a leader in the field, and as body shop owner Mark isn’t going to settle for anything less than perfect.

Neither will the rest of the team – for while they have their differences in approach they all have the end goal in mind. They can’t let these classics go to the junkyard. There’s too much beauty and a quality Detroit automobile to let them go to rust.

Caption: Admit it guys...it doesn't look good, right?

Even if it is a Herculean effort, these cars will rise again.

Tomorrow we’ll introduce you to the team, but we thought it only fair to show you what gets these guys going. It’s all about the cars.

Graveyard Carz, premieres this Thursday night at 10:00 pm E/P here on Velocity.


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