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Tonight’s the night friends. We’ll finally get into the garage with the Graveyard Carz team. Regular readers know that I never like to spoil any show by giving away too much information about what you are going to see. Half the fun is seeing the drama and the laughs unfold in front of your eyes.

While you’ll get to know the team much better in tonight’s premiere at 10 pm, E/P, it’s good to know a little bit about the Mopar men making it happen.

Caption: (l) to (r) Josh, Daren, Mark and Royal

You’ve heard me talk about how the crew is united by their love of ridiculously wrecked muscle cars and restoring them to showroom condition. Now let’s meet them as individuals.

Mark The Warmachine” Worman” – Mark draws on a wealth of experience restoring Chrysler muscle machines into shape. He’s driven by a love of these cars and is the passionate leader of the Graveyard Carz team as they race to hit deadline after deadline to save these diamonds in the VERY rough from the scrap heap. All the while Mark juggles the responsibilities of running his own body shop – which like any self-employed person involves doing whatever it takes to ensure his name and work means “quality.”

Daren Kirkpatrick – Daren’s got the experience under his belt, but that doesn’t mean his ideas and style always sit well with the rest of the team. When Daren offers up plans or a point of view from the sidelines it’s hard to tell where it’s going to end – is he playing the game to stir things up? Does he just want to see what’s going to happen by straying from the herd? We’ll have to wait and see…

Josh Rose – Someone’s got to be the new guy, right? Josh is following in Mark’s footsteps learning the skills it takes to be a top-notch mechanic with a little Mopar tuning. Josh is also Mark’s son-in-law and father to Mark’s one and only granddaughter. That doesn’t mean he gets a free ride; Josh keeps his eyes wide open to learn day in and day out, and keep the peace when the going gets tough.

Royal Yoakum – Every shop has its deep thinker, and Royal fits that description on the Graveyard Carz crew. Royal and Mark are best friends and their friendship and Mopar wizardry are pure magic. Every guy needs a buddy that’s going to give him the flip side to consider in every sticky situation, and quietly get your back know matter what comes your way.

Seeing these guys turn impossibly wrecked machine back to their former glory is one reason you are going to watch. This is restoration gold.

But perhaps the other reason you are going to watch is that these guys are just like you. They have day jobs. They have to pay the bills. They unite on Graveyard Carz in their free time and hang over engines and tinker with the body and parts just like you do when you get home from work. 

All this with an eye on the clock to make sure they don’t run out of time before they have to get back to use their skills to pay the bills.

Tune in to the premiere of Graveyard Carz tonight, 10:00 pm E/P, and enjoy this sneak peek to get ready.


Drop by to let us know what you think of the show! We can’t wait to hear from all you Mopar fans!

Interested in seeing more of the Graveyard Carz guys? Visit the Graveyard Carz website for pictures, videos and more.


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