Wheeler Dealers: The Porsche 944 Turbo...so dreamy!


by Eileen Marable

You guys know my love of cars in the movies and TV shows. I often feel like the cars are actually a member of the cast because they are so tied to the plot or to the picture painted about their human owners. 

The Porsche 944 really didn’t need any help from the movies or TV to become a classic. It was released to great acclaim in 1982 and was considered to be more refined and balanced than it’s predecessor – the 924.

According to the factory, the 944 was capable of hitting 130 mph and going from 0-60 in 9 seconds. Between the speed, its handling and appointments the car was always destined to become a status symbol and eventually a classic.

Add a turbocharged and intercooled engine on the Turbos, improvements to the interior, revisions in the transaxle to reduce vibration and noise, anti-lock brakes and signature “phone dial” wheels and you’ve got the go-to car for the 1980s elite.

All the bells and whistles made it cool and I’m sure those who owned one in its heyday loved it. For me, the car became cool because it was the mode of transportation for a classic 1980’s movie hero: Jake Ryan.

Remember Jake Ryan? Jake was the handsome senior who stole Samantha Baker’s heart in the quintessential 1980’s coming of age movie, Sixteen Candles. Poor Sam – played by Molly Ringwald – is the much put-upon middle daughter who is in danger of having her birthday forgotten until Jake realizes she’s the one.

Sure Jake was great...but OMG that Porsche!                                                                 Image: Internet Movie Car Database

His cherry red Porsche 944 is in many a classic scene. We find out Jake is one of the high school elite when he drives his car into the parking lot. We find out he’s a nice guy when he lets The Geek drive his precious car. Finally, we see Jake leaning against the Porsche as he anxiously waits to rescue Sam as she leaves her sister’s wedding.

Ok, I know this sounds like a girly teenage flashback, but let me be clear, I loved that car and for me it was probably one of the best parts about that movie. It was so new and classy and I swore I was going to get one when I could drive.

Of course I had no concept of how much the car cost and my first car ended up being a Chevy Chevette. A totally different class of car altogether. Even today I couldn’t afford a Porsche 944….but a girl can dream.

On Wheeler Dealers tonight, Mike and Edd are on the lookout for one to buy and restore – but with the 944 and its variations like the 944 Turbo – will they be able to find one on the cheap?

Tune in to Wheeler Dealers tonight at 9:00p E/P to find out what happens!



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