Epic Poker: Who is Doyle Brunson?


On December 14, 2011, Epic Poker awarded its first Lifetime Card. Its recipient, Doyle Brunson, has universally been recognized as the leading ambassador for professional poker and a mentor for generations of players. For fifty years, he has been playing – and winning – in the biggest cash games in the world and since the inception of the World Series of Poker, he has been its greatest star.

At a ceremony before Epic’s Mix-Max Main Event, Brunson’s colleagues and admirers watched Commissioner Annie Duke present him with a special Lifetime Member ring unveil a banner that will forever hang in Epic Poker’s Hall of Champions.

It’s no surprise that Brunson’s nickname is the Godfather of Poker.

Brunson started his poker career by playing in illegal games in Texas with a friend, Dwayne Hamilton. They eventually began traveling around, playing more and in bigger games. These illegal games were usually run by criminals in organized crime, making these games quite a risky business. When Brunson and Hamilton made their first trip to Las Vegas to gamble, they lost all their money – a six figure amount! They decided to stop playing together.

Brunson continued to play, successfully. He became the first two-time World Series of Poker main event champion to win consecutively. He wrote a book about poker that gave regular players insight into how professional poker players play. The book became so widely used that Brunson believes it ended up costing him money.

In his lifetime the Godfather of Poker earned more than $6 million in poker.

Watch Epic Poker tonight at 10pm to see Doyle Brunson receive his award!

 Photo by Bob Gevinski/WireImage

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