Building the Ultimate Truck: Premiere Outcast Kustoms Tonight!


We've seen custom cars, we've seen custom motorcycles, we've even seen them made from absolute scratch, but we have not seen custom trucks. This about to change with the premiere of Outcast Kustoms tonight on Velocity. 

The big rigs can get extra cool too. Stretch it, drop it, bag it, Kelvin and April, owners of the Outcast Kustoms shop will do anything that needs to be done to a truck. If someone else can't do what you want done to your truck "spin it around, bring it back, I'll do it," says Kelvin.

Kelvin and April were born in trucker families, so trucking have always been in their blood. However, they did not want to drive them themselves. Instead they opened a truck customization business in Florence, SC. And as you can see in the picture above, they have been pretty successful at it.

Watch Outcast Kustoms tomorrow at 9pm too see how they will transform tis KW W900L into DR.Cool for Detroit Radiator Corporation:


Photo Credit: Outcast Kustoms

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