How to Transport Crabs in Your Pickup Truck


Transporting crabs might seem like a straightforward thing to do, but the upcoming episode of Saw Dogs proves that such things aren’t so obvious for everyone. If you put 20 crabs in a bucket without a lid and drive like a maniac, chances are that the crabs will not remain in their buckets. Therefore, for all of you rookies who are trying to have a little crab fest, here is a short guide on how to transport crabs.

Step 1. Drive to Maryland. There is no such thing as a blue crab from the Chesapeake Bay. Don’t forget to bring some buckets with lid.

Step 2. Load your buckets with crabs in the back of your track.
    Step 2a. Put the lid on your buckets.
    Step 2b. Strap the buckets in so they can’t topple over

Step 3. Drive with care. Don’t make sudden turns. Take your time. You’re not on the NASCAR pickup truck series.

Step 4. Unload your buckets with crabs. You can take off the lid now and eat them, or put them in your aquarium, whatever you fancy!

Step 5. Watch Saw Dogs this Saturday at 9pm and see a perfect example of how not to transport crabs, and how mermaids, lots of wood, and a bunch of unconventional artists make one mean table.  

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