Will.I.Am's Corvette In Pictures


Will-i-am-1-570x428Shop Manager Kenny Pfitzer shows Will.I.Am how his Vette rendering is coming to life.

Will-i-am-2-570x428 Will.I.Am marvels at the work the West Coast Customs crew has put into his car so far

Will.I.Am and Kenny banter about the progress and changes for the corvette.
Will-i-am-4-570x428Will.I.Am waiting in the studio for the reveal to start.

Will-i-am-5-570x428Ryan and Will approach the customized corvette

Will-i-am-6-570x428Will.I.Am shows excitment for his new corvette - named the “Vette.I.Am”.

Will-i-am-7-570x428Will.I.Am tries out his new driver’s seat, listening to Ryan explain some of the features.

Will-i-am-8-570x428Will.I.Am gets comfortable in his new custom corvette

Will-i-am-9-570x428Will.I.Am and Ryan get ready to test drive this speedy corvette Will-i-am-10-570x428

Host Ryan Friedlinghaus and Will I Am talk about the Vette I Am

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