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Can a television network tell you how to live your life? Well, certainly not all of them. (Pattern your life choices on SyFy programming at your own peril.)

But … the folks at Velocity have gathered together 25 rules to achieve a life well lived. And those guidelines just happen to coincide with the philosophy behind this new network.

Think of these as “bucket list ideas,” except for the dying part. Here are principles meant to inspire people who don't plan on dying for decades … if ever. You can become your own living legacy, your actions proclaiming that you are here, you are having fun and you intend to leave your mark on the world.

See how many may already be part of your life:

1. Define your code and live by it.

2. Boredom is not allowed.

3. Do what scares you.

4. Precision is the ultimate accessory.

5. True mastery requires time. Deal with it.

6. Being a man is more than being male.

7. Have your passport ready.

8. Eat class for breakfast.

9. More turbo. Less texting.

10. If you need to throw a punch, know how.

11. There is a balance between control and risk. Explore it.

12. Make plans. A plan of attack, a backup plan and an escape plan.

13. Speed is relative. Floor it.

14. Love when it’s fun and games. Or life and death.

15. Buy a round for the bar. When it’s packed.

16. Climb the biggest damn thing you can find.

17. Be your family hero.

18. Take your kids to see some wild animals. In the wild.

19. If you can’t find a classic. Build it. (Wayne Carini’s Rule)

20. Upping the stakes is all part of the game. (Dana Mecum’s Rule)

21. Membership is a privilege not a right.

22. When the open road calls. Answer it. (Mike Seate’s Rule)

23. Have the courage to fix what is not broken. (Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Rule)

24. There is no 24 only 21. (Blackjack)

25. Having high standards is by design. (Chip Foose’s Rule)


Be sure of yourself, and the rest of the world will follow.


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