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Velocity-blog-tv-shows-350x250 Tune in for the best of classic car programming -- check the line-up below and see what's coming up!

Autoweek’s Vinsetta Garage is a celebration of the automotive lifestyle with insight from the authoritative voice of Autoweek’s editors.  Vinsetta Garage dates back to 1919 and sits along the famous Woodward Ave. that bisects the heart of the Motor City. Vinsetta is a Detroit landmark, and a mecca for car enthusiasts. The garage, now owned by Autoweek publisher KC Crain, grounds the show. Each episode is lifestyle themed and hosted from inside a vehicle unique to that episode.

Café Racer fans can look forward to the full history of fast streetbikes unveiled in stories documented on-location in England, Italy and from basements, barnyards and garages throughout the U.S. Check out a fascinating look at the culture behind the café racer with stories exploring pinup, pompadours and music. Celebrities and athletes are back including singer Billy Joel, comedian and Last Comic Standing winner Alonzo Bodden, former motocross and speedway champions Bob Hannah and Billy Hamil and members of the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Of course everyone's favorite fast guys, the Bostrom brothers will once again shake down all the builds and offer their insight and opinions.

Gain instant membership to the exclusive club of elite car restorers and millionaire collectors as Chasing Classic Cars follows Ferrari expert and master car restorer, Wayne Carini, on his personal mission to uncover, restore and sell some of the world's most rare and exotic collector cars.

Once again the team at the world famous West Coast Customs is prepared to change the face of custom car fabrication. With CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus manning the helm, his crew of forward-thinking craftsmen are prepared to astound and amaze the world with their show-stopping creations. From rendering to reality, these spectacular one-off rides will continue to raise the bar and keep the fans drooling for more. Celebrities like, Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber are already on board, lining up for their chance to have the crew at WCC make their automotive dreams come true.

The cars are the stars and it's the excitement and energy of live auction action, the chant of the auctioneer calling the bids and the ring men working the crowd that draw the viewer into the Mecum Auto Auctions: Muscle and More. The fine car auction industry has evolved around the multi-day marathon for years. Each week, tune in to see these big personalities evolve as the Mecum Auction crew works like an orchestra with the auctioneer calling bids, the ring men working the crowd to procure bids and a ring man working the seller trying to get him to accept the bid.

Million Dollar Collections takes you inside the most spectacular private collections in the world. For these magnates, success in the business world was just the beginning, so they have scoured the earth for pieces of modern history to call their own. From iconic sports artifacts, cars that sped to racing victory or guitars that rocked the world, these are without a doubt the most important artifacts of our times. But perhaps more intriguing than the items themselves are the stories of why they were acquired. From inside their personal museums, curators and owners tell the tales of how and why they did it.

MotorWeek, television’s longest running automotive series, is now in its 31st season of reviewing cars, trucks and utilities spanning the needs and dreams of a broad spectrum of buyers. From pure-electric to pure performance, MotorWeek has the keys to your ride. MotorWeek is more than just  a show about new cars. It’s also about keeping the car you own running, and keeping pace with the latest automotive lifestyle trends as America continues its love affair with cars.

One of a Kind Cars peels back the paint, goes under the hood and puts you behind the wheel of ground-breaking autos: American classics; award show stunners; barnyard finds: every car featured has a story and the design or technological DNA to stand on its own.  Whether it was built to push the limits of speed, optimize fuel-injection, beat Ferrari at their own game or simply to set the standard for future generations – these cars raced, broke records and became icons in their day.  Later many were dismantled and forgotten in garages and lots only to be discovered decades later in ruin.  After meticulous restoration, they live again to tell their stories to a new generation of car enthusiasts.
Utilizing a combination of stunning high definition video, unique archival footage, and expert interviews set to a captivating soundtrack, we’re bringing these cars to life in a way that is absolutely one of a kind.   

Outcast Kustoms has taken that passion and turned it into an art form, becoming one of the premier custom fab shops in the world.  They take on only the biggest and baddest Big Rigs and RVs and transform them into the coolest, one-of-a-kind diesel monsters ruling the highways and byways. Outcast Kustoms gives viewers an inside look at the design, engineering and restoration of these monsters. And lifts the curtain on the lives of the people that bring these creations to life.

A deserving person’s car or truck is taken into Chip Foose’s workshop where he and his team transform it into a custom show car, before it is returned to its surprised and grateful owner.

Alain de Cadenet is old school cool.  He has a fascinating wealth of experience in all things mechanical, and counts many designers, drivers, team owners, music and film stars as his friends.  This series is a celebration of design, fabrication and bespoke craftsmanship. In each program Alain visits a different location to learn and share the story of certain cars, watches, motorbikes, aircraft and even guns. He explains and appreciates the skillful and labor intensive exploits of these mechanics, designers and engineers. Some items are classic pieces of moving history while others are brand new examples of cutting edge technology.  However all of them share handmade craftsmanship that is celebrated by Alain with his genuine onscreen authenticity and enthusiasm. Alain hosts and whenever possible, takes part as our demonstrator and well-informed guide.  No matter what the topic is, he is always hands-on and involved.

A team of the world’s top chainsaw sculptors battle short deadlines, tight budgets and conflicting artistic sensibilities to complete a series of commissioned carvings on a scale never before seen. Confronting the dangers of chainsaw carving requires a steady hand and a fearless disposition. Master carver Steve Blanchard and foreman Pete Rieger pull from a pool of the best carvers in the world, matching their special skills to each over-the-top project, to craft some of the most intricate woodcarvings imaginable.

What's My Car Worth? returns! Join expert Keith Martin of Sports Car Market Magazine as he explores the world of collector cars and tells you exactly what they're worth. Some will tear up, others will scream with excitement as their cars change hands and become part of the collector car market -- but they'll all be asking, What's My Car Worth?

In Wheeler Dealers, Mike Brewer and Edd China set out to buy and restore iconic cars and sell them for a profit. Over the course of the series, Mike will buy five cars from around the United States and five cars in the United Kingdom. Mike gets adventurous and explores the greatest car market in the world - the U.S.A. There's also plenty of choice of cars in the U.K., well-preserved classics that need some TLC and some real American beauties. As ever, Mike and Edd are ambitious and will take on some serious sports cars and iconic cruisers.

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