The Velocity Stack: Four Forgotten American Cars Primed for a Comeback


Editor's Note: When Velocity's own Sam Wackerle isn't here at work, you can catch him chasing another record, building another project or crawling through the junkyard. Certifiably a car nut, Sam wanted to share his unique vehicular view with a weekly list, The Velocity Stack. 

AMC Eagle

AMC Eagle wagon

Don’t get me wrong, the Jeep has done pretty well under Chrysler, especially the Rubicon version of the JK with Dana 44s and a factory 4 to 1 transfer case, but AMC didn’t just build Jeeps.  They also made the unjustly obscure AMC Eagle, a compact 4x4 car produced for 8 years.  It was the first full time four wheel drive production car and set the ground work for all of those soccer mom driven "cross over" vehicles that plague the extracurricular parking lots of the local private school.  The AMC Eagle was fun and utilitarian, a combination most auto manufacturers are still struggling to perfect.



1952 Nash Healey

With a new Ford GT on the way, the Dodge Viper on its way out and the Corvette continuing its poor mans sports car appeal, it’s time for the big three to pay homage to the original American sports car, the Nash-Healey.  Yes the body, suspension and chassis were designed and assembled in England, but the powertrain was all American and they only sold the cars in the States.  Launching in 1951, it preceded the Corvette by 2 years and inspired a slew of American powered, European bodied cars.  European cars with transplanted American engines?  Sounds familiar…


International Harvester Scout


International Harvester may be the only company on this list still in business, but their light duty passenger vehicle line is certainly defunct.  The Scout was IH’s answer to the Jeep CJ series and came out five years before the now highly collectable Ford Bronco.  The rugged simplicity of the Scout is why it should be brought back.  In a world of computer controlled, torque diverting, descent assisting, heated leather seat SUVs, the bare bones mentality of the Scout would be a breath of fresh air amongst the electronic fray.


Packard Caribbean

Flickr - DVS1mn - 56 Packard Caribbean (4)

There are several luxury American auto manufacturers still around, Buick and Lincoln to name a few, but is their plastic trim really on par with the European luxury market today?  This is prime territory for Packard to steal the show.  Before Packard left the scene, the top of the line Caribbean had a self-leveling torsion bar suspension and a new 374ci V8 with plans to achieve a final displacement of 440 cubic inches.  Sure the latest Cadillac will throw you back against your seat, but what current American manufactured car will gentle waft you down the road with coin balancing smoothness?


Who's That Guy on Velocity's Periscope?


For Day Two of SEMA Show 2015, we've enlisted the help of Nick Calderone to bring you the latest and greatest from the show floor. Nick Calderone may be the host of RightThisMinute and a frequent contributor to Arizona Driver magazine, but he's really an adventurist at heart with an undeniable need for speed. By combining his passion for sick rides and killer bikes and his experience in the industry, we're excited to welcome him to our team!


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More about Nick: 

Nick Calderone is a multimedia journalist and owner of Reel Stories, a Phoenix-based freelance production company. A graduate of York College in Pennsylvania, Nick began his career as a photojournalist at the Fox and NBC affiliates in York and Harrisburg. For nine years, he worked behind and in front of the camera, shooting, writing, editing and reporting for KPNX-TV in Phoenix. Nick also is a co-creator, producer and editor of the documentary film God in the Box.

Employee Goes Through the Car Wash Spin Cycle

The manager of a Louisiana car wash got hogtied to one of the huge spin brushes. Josh Hood was gathering a hose to clean the automatic wash when the hose became caught in a rotating scrubber, tangling Josh up with it. That's one way to get into your company's "What Not To Do" safety video. Ouch!

Posted by RightThisMinute on Monday, November 2, 2015

Honda Thanks Motorcyclist for Saving Kitten


Getting off a motorcycle in the middle of a busy intersection is never a smart choice. However, one biker threw caution to the wind to save a little orange kitten, a bold move that was captured by the rider's helmet camera. 

According to the footage, the orange kitten was hiding in the suspension of the maroon-colored sedan that is seen driving perpendicular of the bike, until it plopped onto the concrete. It is quite common, especially has the temperatures begin to dip, for small strays and wild animals to wiggle their way into engine blocks and small spaces under cars to find warmth.

The video has since garnered quite a lot of attention, climbing to over 3 million views in just a few days. Taking notice as well was the mega manufacturer, Honda. Their YouTube account expressed their pride and gratitude for the rider and, of course, remembered to compliment her choice in bike. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.34.16 AM

The kitten, appropriately named Skidmark, has taken a liking to his new home with the biker that saved him. "His name, Skidmark, is a little bit of dark humor, but we thought it was appropriate considering that's exactly what he could've been," she told ABC news

Got a soft spot for things with two wheels? Check out when Wayne found the holy grail of motorcycle collections.

Feeling Nostalgic? Here's a Car for You!


In February 2014, the BBC sent reporter Charlotte Stacey to Oxfordshire to meet John Bitmead, the mastermind behind the only known road-legal, drivable, life-sized Little Tikes Cosy Coupe constructed from a Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8. Just over a year later, Bitmead is ready to part ways with his oversized toy.

Bitmead told BBC that it took his brother Geoff and him 1,000 hours to build the car, which required the equivalent of $6,200 to complete. The brothers are no strangers to unique rides. Together they own Attitude Autos, a company that operates with "a passion for historic, classic and contemporary vehicle restoration and modification" according to its website.  

Impressed? Well there's good news. You can now buy this car!

The brothers have put the car up for auction on eBay, hoping to find an owner that will continue to use it for charitable causes. They're asking £21,500.00, which equates to around $33,300. The car has 65,000 miles, 5,000 of which have been driven since the car went through its highly documented makeover.

May the highest bidder win! Although,we're almost certain this father-son duo from Texas will probably end up taking it home. They've got a thing for fast cosy coupes.

Don't think it will sell? Well Wayne thinks differently. Cute DOES sell. 

That's a Big Tube


It's not everyday that you see a 2.08 million pound monstrosity on the highway. YouTube user, 181josh uploaded a video of exactly that to the site and within two days hit 300,000 views.

This massive metal tube, presumably an industrial fractional distillation column holding petroleum, was recorded heading to Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada for installation. It took five semi trucks to tow the load along the closed-to-traffic highway.

Fort McMurray is an urban service area conveniently located near the Athabasca Oil Sands, the world's largest single oil sand deposit. Oil sands contain bitumen, a sticky and heavy form of petroleum found most often in dirt and sand. In 2013, the production from the oil sands accounted for more than half of Canadian oil output, according to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and is a large contributor to the economic state of the entire providence.

Unfortunately, this area of Alberta and this process of converting naturally found petroleum into usable energy is in the midst of a financial crisis thanks to the declining price of oil, according to the New York Times. What once drew the world's top energy companies and nearly $200 billion in investments, is declining at a worrisome rate. Read more about it here

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