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Malia, I love that you are already thinking of your next goal. There has been a lot of attention recently on long-term weight management, largely because so few people are successful with it. Research shows that the best weight loss strategies are different than successful long-term weight maintenance strategies. Making this shift is critical so that weight loss never becomes a "hobby".

You have already done one of the key ones, which is continuing to set new goals -- I like to think of it as "heightening your ambition" (grabbed that term from my own coach, Brendon Burchard). I love that you are already planning your trip next year for the Himalayas. This gives you something to train for. Having a great local group to work out with lets you add some fun new activities into the mix (yoga, cross fit, etc).

The second strategy is making sure you get in protein at each meal -- this has helped get you where you are, so keep it up. If you are traveling, bring along your shake and a magic bullet blender or shaker cup. I also bring nuts, jerky, little packets of almond butter, and aseptic-packed wild salmon and apples.


Besides your Himalayas goal, it is a great time to set a new group of goals now that you have blown through the first ones. Consider things like fitness goals (i.e. pull-ups?), body composition or a business goal that you wouldn't have had the self confidence to go for earlier.

I would love to see what your diet looks like now. I would like you to continue to find things that you like to eat that are healthy so this is easy for you to stay committed to for the long haul.

I look forward to hearing about your hike up Mt. Whitney! I know you’ll rock it!

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