JJ'S Feedback Blog: 6 Ways Angela Can Meet Her Diet Goals


Angela-still-284x212OK, Miss Angela: Time to stop wishing and hoping, and more importantly, time to draw out a plan and execute it.

Let’s start fresh and build on the success you have (fitting into a size 8 dress is a definite win! You look fabulous in your bridesmaid dress).

First off, how much weight exactly do you want to lose for your cousin’s wedding in Houston? And where do you want to be for your birthday? More importantly – what are you going to do to get there? Remember these 6 things that are critical to your success:

1. Set specific goals

2. Get your next dress and keep it out where you see it every day as a reminder that you are where you want to go.

3. Get back to journaling – write down everything that you eat and drink so that you are totally accountable. Ideally, add that protein shake back in for one meal a day as well.

4. Find a friend to do this with and check in daily. Hold each other accountable.

5. Get the exercise going 5 days a week! This is another great place to involve a friend.

6. Make sure you are weighing and measuring every week, no matter what.


Also I wanted to connect with you on one thing you said that was concerning to me – that you didn’t want to be deprived. Learn to love grilled salmon, grilled chicken breast, and sliced turkey. Have loads of non-starchy veggies, and make sure that the starchy carbs you eat are as whole and minimally processed as possible, like sweet potatoes or lentils. If you find healthier options to replace the foods that you crave, then this won’t be an issue. And if you equate these foods with the body you want, that will help reinforce your diet decisions.



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