Boston Bombing Victims Get Their Dream Wedding


Nearly one year after sustaining severe injuries in the Boston Marathon bombing, Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino took an emotional walk down the aisle.

In 2013, the couple went to Boston to support DiMartino's mom, who was participating in the historic race. They were at the finish line with the bomb exploded, and Gregory broke almost every bone in her foot, leg and ankle while trying to protect her son. Now, 15 surgeries later, she's in a wheelchair and will have her leg amputated later this year. DiMartino lost 90 percent of his Achilles tendon and also broke multiple bones in his foot as well as rupturing his eardrum.

Though the past year has proved to be a struggle, both physically and emotionally, this couple will have their happy ending. Last October, DiMartino surprised Gregory with a proposal. Though they planned on having a small event, TheKnot.com offered to throw them The Knot Dream Wedding, which the company pays for and readers vote to decide every wedding detail, from the cake to the dress. See one of their wedding pictures below:

With the help of celebrity wedding planner Marcy Blum, the couple tied the knot in early April in Asheville, North Carolina, at the Biltmore Estate. In front of 150 of their closest family and friends, Gregory walked down the aisle in a absolutely gorgeous strapless fit-and-flare Sophia Moncelli for Kleinfeld gown.

After a moving ceremony, the wedding moved to an enchanted garden-themed reception that featured romantic rose centerpieces and a cover band that kept everyone on the dance floor.

The newlyweds will spend a few days in the Dominican Republic before heading to Thailand in June for their honeymoon. They seem to look forward to moving on and enjoying married life. Gregory told PEOPLE "Come next year, when we're in the month of April, we're not going to say, 'This is the month we got blown up. We'll say, 'This is the month we got married.'"

Watch their video below (and try not to tear up). Don't they make a handsome couple?


-- Mara Betsch

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Why Is Johnny Depp Wearing a Man-gagement Ring?


Johnny Depp is known for being eccentric, both on and offscreen, and his newest fashion statement has us scratching our heads.

Recently the Oscar-nominated actor has been sporting his fiancée Amber Heard's engagement ring. A source told Us Weekly that it's 'too big for her so he started wearing it.'

While promoting his new movie Transcendence in Beijing, a reporter asked him if she could take his wedding talk as confirmation of his engagement. He responded with a laugh: "You can take that any way you like – absolutely. The fact that I'm wearing a chick's ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle."

Depp isn't alone, either. Man-gagement rings are on the rise, with 5 percent of guys wearing them, according to a recent survey. Do you think Depp is following the trend of men sporting their own engagement bling? Or do you think he's wearing her ring to officially announce their engagement?

Either way, don't expect Depp to take the reins when it comes to wedding planning. He also told the reporter "I think that I would be better at making women's shoes than I would be at wedding planning, I can't plan anything. I'm really bad at that stuff."

See Depp's answers and his left hand sparkler below:

Would you want your fiance to sport an engagement ring?

-- Mara Betsch

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Savannah Guthrie's Beautiful Wedding and Baby News!


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 3.01.40 PMSavannah Guthrie, the pretty and poised Today show co-anchor, tied the knot this weekend with Michael Feldman, a communications strategist, in a secret ceremony outside of Tucson, Arizona.

But that wasn't her only big news – she also announced that she is four months pregnant!

In front of 80-90 of their closest friends and family – including many Today show anchors – Guthrie and Feldman wed as the sun set in the desert near Tucson. Guests were seated at a beautiful candlelit reception when Guthrie and Feldman thanked guests, reminded them to keep things quiet until Guthrie made the news public on Monday, and then the bride happily announced: 'So, should we break some news? Okay. I – we – are four months pregnant!'

Everyone broke out into whoops, hollers, and applause.

The duo first met in 2008 at Feldman's 40th birthday party and became engaged last May. Looking radiant, the bride stunned in a romantic, lacy A-line Monique Lhuillier gown (accented with a megawatt smile) that hid a barely there baby bump.

She admitted her nervousness about the dress on the Today show this morning: 'We set the wedding date, I bought my dress, and then I found out,' she said. 'So I did a little praying... I feel great, and actually I'm so happy to tell the world because I can't suck in this gut anymore.'

Though Guthrie returned to work today, she plans to take a honeymoon in April. Congrats to the happy couple (and soon-to-be parents).

We can't wait to meet their little one at the end of the summer.

 -- Mara Betsch

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Watch: A Sweet Lip-Dub Proposal With 80 Of The Bride's Closest Friends


Vancouver, Canada, resident Alex Chuang wanted to do something really special to propose to his girlfriend of seven years. So he got together 80 of her closest friends and family, and created a super special lip-dub to Stefano's song "Yes to Love." The cute video features Susie's friends holding up photos from the couple's relationship, and posters urging her to just "say yes." 

On the big night, Alex told her that he was taking her to a private screening of "Captain America 2," but when the couple got to the theater, Chuang surprised her with the video.

Check out how it went below!

And don't miss more wedding wonderfulness every Friday on Say Yes To The Dress, starting at 9/8 c. 

Tears! Homeless Veteran Gets Dream Wedding


Ryan Sexton is no different from many Army veterans returning from the front lines. After years of serving his country abroad, he came home to find little financial and psychological support. More than 58,000 veterans are currently homeless, and many of them suffer from mental health issues.

Things were fine for a while, but then he lost his job, and had nowhere to turn to, so he and his fiancé Lea Lutman moved in with a friend in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. And then, this past October, the friend was kicked out of their apartment, and they were forced find alternative housing. 

Thankfully, Sexton, who did two tours in Iraq, was able to appeal to his local community service group for housing. They were granted housing through TLC, a transitional living center program that operates through the Lebanon VA medical Center. Lea, Ryan, and their 2-year-old daughter Rylee were able to move into a house in the neighborhood. 

But then they had a wedding to attend to. And with scant resources, no idea how to plan it. Thankfully, local community businesses stepped in to make sure the couple would have a great experience. A local bridal salon donated a wedding dress to Lea, but bridal shop owner Janell Berté wanted to make sure other areas were covered for the couple. So she reached out to others in the wedding community, and asked for donations. A baker donated a wedding cake, and a local jeweler even donated the wedding bands and engagement ring. Flowers, photography, and the DJ all came free, as well. 

And the icing on the cake? An interfaith minister officiated the ceremony free of charge. “I’m not brave enough to go into the military, so this is my way of saying thank you,” said Rev. Kelly Jo Singleton.

“I am humbled and extremely appreciative of everyone who has gone above and beyond to put this on,” said Sexton, of the kind deeds from everyone. "I still can’t really believe it.”

For more great bridal stories, don't miss #Brideday, every Friday starting at 9/8 c. 

"My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" Returns!


David Warren/DCL

They’re ba-ack! The over-the-top gowns and out of this world weddings of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” return for an all new season with more bling than ever before.

In the premiere episode, you’ll meet a pair of star-crossed lovers from two feuding Gypsy clans who are determined to marry despite the fact that both of their mothers would rather they have nothing to do with each other. And oh, did we mention the 16-year-old groom is an aspiring jiu-jitsu champ? 

Each week “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” will introduce a new couple, including a Gypsy couple who met online and will meet for the first time on their wedding day; a young Gypsy woman who wants to become the first Romney supermodel; and a Gypsy teen who hopes to become a successful Gypsy rapper. This season also features a double wedding with a pair of Gypsy sisters marrying non-Gypsy fiancés—against their parent’s wishes.  

Don’t miss a single minute of it—“My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” returns April 3 at 9|8 c. 

A Fake Arrest Leads To A Marriage Proposal


Guys, I know you want to surprise your girlfriends with totally shocking, mind-blowing marriage proposals, but remember: your lady should be crying happy tears, not scared tears, when you pop the question.

See more US News from ABC|ABC World News

Someone should have told that to Matt Van Vliet, who concocted a fake arrest plan to propose to his girlfriend Samantha Labo. You see, Labo and Van Vliet met when they were both arrested at a college party for underage drinking (how romantic). After staying together for four years, Van Vliet decided he wanted to propose, so he called up the arresting officer, and got him in on the act. He and Chief Edward Andersen concocted a plan to have the couple pulled over and arrested again. In the midst of the arrest, Andersen would find the ring on Van Vliet, and that's when the proposal would happen.

And this sounded like a good idea how? 

The couple were on their way to a celebratory graduation dinner with friends when Andersen pulled them over. 

“We got pulled over and the cop was being so rude,” Labo said. “Matt was driving so I asked what we did wrong because we were going the speed limit, and he [Andersen] just gave me a rude remark back and I started crying.”

Andersen pulled the couple out of the car and began cuffing them. “He pretended to put the cuffs on me," explained Van Vliet. "And as he was patting me down, he took the ring out of my pocket and asked me what it was.” Van Vliet then walked over to Labo and got down on one knee, and proposed to her. 

“I was like, ‘Wait, is this really happening right now?’ I thought I was dreaming,” Labo said of the shocking ordeal. “It was just amazing. I went from being completely terrified to completely happy.”

Well, that's certainly one way to do it! The couple are planning on getting married next August--hopefully without police incident. 

A Mother-Son Wedding Dance Like You've Never Seen!


It's not every day that you see a mother-son duo performing a pitch perfect rendition of MC Hammer's distinctive "Hammer Dance." But then again, Kathy Bunker isn't your typical mom. She's also the owner of Bunker Dance Center in Las Vegas, so it's no wonder that she's an ace on the dance floor. For her son Blake's nuptials last year, she pulled out all the stops. 

Take a look and enjoy! 

Say Yes to Seth Meyers


Syttd-seth-myers-300x200When Say Yes to the Dress returns, one bride is going to get the surprise of her life: a visit from comedian Seth Meyers!

The Saturday Night Live alum -- who's taking over NBC's Late Night on February 24 -- became acquainted with Shealynn Casserly, an Army medic, when he visited her at Walter Reed, a hospital for injured veterans, while she was recovering from an injury she got from a roadside bomb explosion in Afghanistan.

Through a program at Walter Reed that allows patients to meet a celebrity of their choice, Shealynn got a special introduction to Seth Meyers. It was an unforgettable experience -- but things are about to get even more exciting for her. Engaged and shopping for her wedding dress at Kleinfeld, Shealynn's going to be saying "yes" and "oh, my gosh!"when Seth reveals himself to congratulate her on the engagement -- and on her choice of the perfect dress.

Don't miss this special episode of Say Yes to the Dress when the series returns for its 11th season Friday, February 21 at 9|8c. We predict you'll have stars AND tears in your eyes.

Image credit: DCL

Should Couples Be Required To Take A Class Before They Say "I Do"?


The state of Colorado doesn't want couples rushing into marriage without, apparently, knowing exactly what they're getting into. Which is why there's a measure on the Colorado state ballot that would require all engaged couples to complete ten hours of pre-marriage counseling and classes before they could legally be wed. 

It's not entirely unheard of: In the Catholic faith, couples can opt into what's called Pre-Cana, which offers a similar course-like structure. Couples cover everything from children to finances to career and questions of spirituality. 

The ballot measure was put forth by a California-based group called Kids Against Divorce, which is, yes, hoping to prevent more future divorces. For every divorce in a couple's past, they'd get additional hours of classes. Second marriages would warrant 20 hours of classes (though if a person's spouse had died, they'd be exempt from the extra coursework). A third marriage would require 30 hours. 

So far, the measure has collected more than 86,000 signatures, though political pundits say its highly unlikely it'll ever pass. Kids Against Divorce is putting forth similar bills in other states around the country. 

What's your take? Should couples be required to complete pre-marriage coursework before they're given permission to walk down the aisle? 

Don't miss more big bridal questions on #BrideDay, every Friday starting at 8/7 c. 

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