11 Absurdly Cute Family-Friendly Halloween Costumes


If your child hasn’t already reminded you 837 times, Halloween is just around the corner. As this ghoulish holiday inches closer, the excitement of creating a fun costume that will make others “ooo” and “aww” is the name of the game. The fun isn’t just for the kiddies either! We found some parents who really got into the spirit of the season with some of the most epic and adorable family costumes we’ve ever seen. So before you buy a prepackaged Batman ensemble, check out these clever costumes. Isn’t it always more fun when everyone joins in, anyway?  

1. Pillsbury Doughboy and Baker

Warning: Costume may induce poking of the stomach

2. Family of S’Mores 

For the family who loves the great outdoors - s'more what?

3. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

These costumes look juuusssttt right.

4. Dumb and Dumber


5. The Beekeepers

Don't leave the pup behind! 

6. Candyland

Isn't Candyland what the holiday is all about? Trick-or-Treat!

7. The Chef and the Lobster 

Ooh la la, how gourmet -- perfect for the foodie! 

8. Dr. Evil and Mini Me

Just the two of us. 

9. Charlie Brown and Lucy   

It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

10. Surfer Attacked by Sharks

Stay out of the water!

11. Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat

A curious little monkey, indeed!

Tell us all about your family fun Halloween ideas! 

by Melanie Owens

Another Amazing Candid Moment from Leah Remini


It's no secret that Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are good friends, but it's great to know that they engage in typical BFF behavior -- making fun of each other. Lopez posted this playful Instagram video of Leah showing off her best Brooklyn dance moves to Jay Z before realizing that she's being filmed. In typical Leah form, she says exactly what's on her mind. Watch now:

You'd probably have the same reaction, right? We love that these super successful ladies still find the time for a girls' weekend. They were spending a little bit of time in the Hamptons to soak up the sun and catch up, as seen in another photo Lopez shared.


From the pictures, it looks like a pretty amazing vacation. We wish we were there, too! You can watch Leah and the rest of her family keep it real on "Leah Remini: It's All Relative" on Thursdays 10/9c.

-- Mara Betsch

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Canadian Teen Wears Burlap to Prom (and Raises $10,000)


CourtneynewI have vague memories of being a teenager, but if I recall correctly, I was kind of a nightmare. I was selfish, way too concerned with what everyone else thought of me, and not a picnic for my parents. What's sad is that I don't think, comparatively, I was any different than my peers.

That's why this story restores my faith in Generation Z (yep, that's what high schoolers are in these days). Courtney Barich, an 18-year-old from Surrey, British Columbia, was ready to purchase a lovely $700 prom dress, but on the way home from the boutique, she had second thoughts.

According to Today.com: “We were driving in the car and I felt kind of selfish for how much it cost,” Barich said. “My mom said, ‘You would look good in anything, even a garbage bag or a potato sack.’ And the idea kind of grew from there.”

She decided not to get the dress and instead, created a website where she advertised her new plan: Go to the prom in a potato sack dress in exchange for $10,000 in donations to support the Saint Martin de Porres Orphanage in Manila, Philippines, which she and her classmates planned to visit in the next few months.

The donations came rolling in! Her good deed was rewarded when fashion designer Suman Faulkner offered to make her a prom-worthy gown out of burlap. Spending two weeks making a one-shoulder gown with burlap and pink and yellow flower embellishments, Faulkner, who is actually allergic to burlap, created a lovely dress. (see the finished product at Today.com)

But after prom was over, Barich continued to maintain her do-gooder status. She has continued to volunteer and is currently raising money for the orphanage, which she plans to visit for a second volunteer trip this September. Way to go, Courtney!

Doesn't she make a great role model?

-- Mara Betsch

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Can a Patch Make You More Beautiful?


Let's face it, some days, you just don't feel your best. Whether you were up all night with your young child or are freaking out about next week's sales meeting, sometimes you just aren't going to have that glowing complexion you want. Everyday stressors, fatigue and even your mood can affect your appearance and, more importantly, your perception of your appearance. Dove recently came up with a new campaign for a RB-X, a beauty patch that's meant to enhance how women perceive their own beauty. Watch the ad and see real women's experiences with the patch below:

What do you think? Did the ending surprise you, or did you realize what was going on at the beginning?

-- Mara Betsch

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9 Of The Worst Love Tattoos Ever


Love, it's a many-splendored thing. But sometimes even the most romantic love stories come with the worst tattoos. And seeing as today is Valentine's Day, we thought we'd catalogue some of the absolute worst love-themed tattoos we've ever seen—tattoos that make us cringe, or wonder just what they were thinking.  

Take a look and tell us which one you think is the worst in the comments! 


We love tacos too, but probably not as much as this guy. 


Not only is this tattoo semi-illiterate, but we're betting not even Ashton's girlfriend Mila Kunis would go to such extreme expressions of devotion. 


I guess this guy really likes Brenda. 


This goes waaaaaay beyond getting matching tattoos into a totally different (and not particularly good) realm. 


Those are some might shaky love birds. 


This guy loves bacon, but he clearly doesn't love cleaning his toe nails. 


Well, this just looks painful.


Yes, love conquers all, except bad spelling. 


Please, love endlessly, or endessly. Whatever works best for you. 

Beauty Exists At Every Age, And Model Sarah Wiley Is Proof


Stella Magazine

There's no deynying that model Sarah Wiley has a gorgeous face. She also happens to be 45 years older than most working models. At 66, her skin and makeup concerns are different than most models, but reflective of a heck of a lot more real women. Wiley teamed up with makeup artist Mary Greenwell to discuss what tips and tricks older women should incorporate into their skincare and makeup routines, and here's what she had to say.

Perhaps the number one lesson: Keep it simple. Don't overdo it in the bronzer or foundation department, or the eyeliner department, because as you age, the elasticity around your eyes will decrease, making it harder to get a solid line. Also, advises Greenwell, red lipstick is a bad idea from around 45 to 60 — though after 60, red lipstick can be considered fun and "eccentric."

Wiley was discovered at — get this — 57. Her secret? "It's the interest in someone's face that makes them arresting,' she says, "Being alive, being interested in the world around you."

Wiley isn't the only older woman who's found success as a model. There's 85-year-old Daphne Selfe, who starred in a 2013 ad for TK Maxx, 81-year-old Jenni Rhodes, who modeled in Zara's recent lookbook, industry veteran Carmen Dell'Orefice, who is 82. She scored her first modeling gig when she was 82. Our personal favorite? China Machado, who at 83 starred in a campaign for Cole Haan.

And it's no coincidence that so many older women are becoming superstar models. Says Wiley, "Part of getting older is that you care less about making a fool of yourself. My generation doesn't want to just lie down. We're all still jumping up and down."

[The Telegraph]




An Artist That Creates Beautiful Visions — Without Photoshop


These days, most visual artists work with the benefit of digital tools like Photoshop, to tweak and fine tune their images, or to create fantasy worlds that are too complex to create in reality.

Jee Young Lee


Not Korean artist Jee Young Lee. Lee is an artistic purist, and believes in building everything with her hands — even the most mind-bending, surreal sets you can imagine. Lee recently had a photo exhibition entitled "State of Mind," featuring her gorgeous works, and detailed her process. Lee works diligently to transform her tiny 3,6 x 4,1 x 2,4-meter studio space, building dramatic and high-intensity sets, and then inserting herself into them, taking breathtaking self-portraits. And she doesn't mind taking time to make things. Take the above piece, titled "Treasure Hunt." it took three months for Lee to craft the wire leaves in the piece. Three months! 

Jee Young Lee

 All the photos tell a particular story in Lee's life, she says, or attempt to tell traditional Korean fables. The above piece is entitled Nightscape, and evokes a beautiful otherworld the artist goes to her in her dreamlife. We think there's something really great about an artist eschewing technology for building things with her hands instead — no matter how much time or effort it takes. [Bored Panda]

Shopping Guide: The Pantone Color Of The Year, Radiant Orchid


Every year, Pantone, the creators of the Pantone color matching system, announce a color of the year. In 2013, the color was emerald. In 2012, a poppy orange called "tangerine tango." In 2011, a deep pink called honeysuckle. 

This year's color? Radiant Orchid. 


Radiant Orchid is "an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones," according to Pantone. "[It] inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm."

Whether you believe all that, it is a very pretty color that you can integrate into your wardrobe. We've found five pieces that we think could work nicely. 

  1. Madewell Soffleck Sweater, $69.99
  2. Seven7 Pants, $75
  3. J. Crew Merino Tippi Cardigan, $85
  4. Oleg Cassini Grommet Detail Dress, $59.99
  5. Gap Dolman Sleeve Tee, $19.99 

 Tell us: What do you think of the color of the year?


The 12 Dresses of Christmas


Red-sash-bride-200x300Some brides like to put the "merry" in "I'm getting married!" For those of you planning or thinking about a holiday wedding, this Friday's Say Yes to the Dress: The 12 Dresses of Christmas is a can't-miss special event.

Join Randy Fenoli as he recounts brides from Christmases past, present and future who say "yes" to holiday-inspired style. Whether your holiday taste is traditional red and green, sophisticated silver chic or winter white, Randy has ideas for snow queen brides in the making.

December is one of the coldest and most romantic months of the year. It takes a bride with great courage and gusto to claim this month for her big day! You'll be lobbying for space on very busy family and friends' calendars, and as you cross off the final to-dos before the "I dos," you may find yourself missing out on annual traditions and activities. But if the thought of a church filled with poinsettias or a reception hall's entrance flanked by fragrant pine trees gives you goosebumps, then you, friend, are destined for a Christmas wedding.

Watch Friday, Dec. 13 at 9|8c for Randy's time-honored and most festive tips!

You Need This: Colorful Booties In Every Shade


We're all for simplifying your life and your wardrobe. One way to do that? Get a colorful booty. What, you're saying (we can totally hear you), how will getting an outlandish shoe make my wardrobe simpler? Easy. A statement bootie turns every outift up a notch -- it'll add pizazz to a simple jeans and tee shirt look and dress up a plain black skirt and blouse. 

The key to pulling off a colorful boot is to make sure you don't try and go overboard with the rest of your look or try and go to matchy-matchy with the boots. 

We suggest pairing your bold boot with either opaque black tights or dark wash denim so they'll really pop. Have fun and let your feet do the talking!


  1. BCBG Generation Hellen Bootie, $99.95
  2. Diba Ruth Bootie, $49.95
  3. Nine West Melo Bootie, $79.95
  4. Diba Tapestry Bootie, $49.95
  5. Chinese Laundry Strawberry Field Bootie, $69.95
  6. Ziggy Soho Strut Wedge Bootie, $59.95
  7. Cole Haan Cassidy Boot, $159.99


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