Rah, Rah, Rah! 14 Famous Former Cheerleaders


Cheerleaders get a bad rap for being silly, non-sports-playing, fluffy, flakey girls. But actually? For whatever reason, some of Hollywood's biggest badasses have also done time with a pair of pom-poms. And really, is it any surprise that some of the world's most famous, most beautiful women were also likely the most popular girls in their high school? As we prep for the next episode of Cheer Perfection (Wednesdays 9|8c!), we thought we'd take a look at some true all stars -- 14 famous ladies who started out in the cheer squad. Some of them may surprise you ...

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"DC Cupcakes" Takes You Out to the Ballgame


Georgetown Cupcake Ballpark Mini CupcakesIn DC Cupcakes: Wicked Good Showdown, Sophie and Katherine engage in a little sisterly competition. Now that Georgetown Cupcake has opened in Boston and New York (with a Los Angeles bakery under construction and another store being announced soon!), there's a question of which location sells the most cupcakes each day. Sophie makes it her mission to dominate sales in SoHo, while Katherine thinks she can sell even more in Boston.

The sisters turn to the cities' rabid sports fans for custom cupcake inspiration. As for what they create and who sells the most, well...you'll just have to watch and see! DC Cupcakes: Wicked Good Showdown premieres Tuesday, Oct. 9 @ 8|7c.

We suggest getting in a sweet, sporty state of mind by baking Georgetown Cupcake's signature baseball minis. Sophie and Katherine share the recipe -- and decorating tips -- over on the DC Cupcakes blog.

--Candace Keener

Ryan Lochte Says He's Ready To Settle Down


Ryan_lochte_082012_mOlympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte--America's Favorite Swim Babe--probably gets tons of phone numbers wherever he goes, from eligible women looking for a hot date. But Lochte's not looking to date just anyone.

The two-time gold medalist (and burgeoning Hollywood star) says that what he's really looking for in a girl is a sense of humor. "Anyone that can make me smile and make me laugh. That's the key to my heart," he told People magazine. "Now that I'm older, I'm looking to settle down a bit. I'm always looking for the perfect girl," he said.

Maybe that's what his mom meant when she said that he "goes out on a lot of one night stands."

But whomever Lochte ends up with, she should know that she'll always come number two to his first love -- swimming. "My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend -- big mistake," Lochte told The ESPN The Magazine of his first go for gold in Beijing.(Though it's unclear if he's also referring to having a girlfriend limiting his ability to hook up with other Olympians or if he meant having a ladyfriend was a distraction).

Either way, take note!

--Julie Gerstein

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images


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