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Something Borrowed, Something New: Monica's Sleeve Situation


On this week's Something Borrowed, Something New, Monica and her mother-in-law Kathleen are in search of a gown with sleeves. Kathleen's 1978 empire waist and lace gown might just fit the bill, but there are a few changes that need to be made first. For one, the high neck on Kathleen's gown is making it difficult to breathe. And the bell sleeves on the gown are a bit too big and billowy. 


Kelly's got plans to retain the overall shape of the gown but update the huge sleeves. And she wants to make it just a tad more sexy than its current shape will allow. We'll see how well that goes over with Kathleen.

In the meantime Sam's got a challenge on his hands: Monica's always wanted sleeves on her gown. It's difficult to find sleeved gowns these days, which means that any sleeve will be have to be custom-designed added on after the fact. Monica tries on two dresses and is less than thrilled. But the third, a $2,400 Winnie Couture gown blows her away -- despite not having her desired sleeve situation.

"I was absolutely convinced I was going to wear a gown with sleeves," she says, "but now I'm not so sure. I'm standing in this dress that is absolutely everything I said I didn't want...I'm loving this dress."

Meanwhile, Kelly's working to transform Kathleen's dress into the perfect gown for Monica. Does she succeed? By cutting away at the neckline and adding a sexy lace panel to the back, Kelly's managed to update and modernize Kathleen's dress without sacrificing the gown's overall look and feel.


Which dress would you choose?

If you picked Monica's "something borrowed" congrats! That's what she picked, too! Don't forget to tune in this Friday at 9/8 c for the series finale of Something Borrowed, Something New!

--Julie Gerstein

Something Borrowed, Something New: Courtney's Transformation


Bride-to-be Courtney recently lost more than 100 pounds, and she wants to show off her new, slimmer figure in a form-fitting gown. "I want the wedding to be classic vintage. My perfect wedding dress would be very form-fitting to show off my new body." Courtney and her fiance Chris have known each other since they were 14, and it was Chris's workouts that inspired Courtney to lose the extra pounds.

Courtney's mom Dawn really wants her to wear her wedding dress. It was the dress that her mother originally wore, and Dawn's attached the idea of passing the dress down to her daughter. But Courtney's not so sure. The dress is, she says, "not me." But both Courtney's mom and grandmother are pressuring her to pick the family heirloom. Will they win out?


To make the dress more Courtney-appropriate, Kelly decides to give the old dress a modern twist with a sweetheart neckline and a strapless frame. Meanwhile, Sam goes shopping with Courtney and Dawn, Courtney's sister Charissa and her grandmother Denise. Denise is just happy that Courtney is even considering wearing her dress. "I want my granddaughter to go her own course." Mom Dawn is not convinced. Still, Courtney happily picks a Casablanca Princess Sweetheart gown, which retails for $1,250.

Back in Kelly's studio, she's working on creating a dress that shows off Courtney's curves but keeps the integrity of the lace. And oh yeah, Dawn is pushing it real hard. But does Courtney like it? The response? "Oh my gosh!"

But which would you choose?



If you chose the Something New, you and Courtney are on the same page! That's what she went with, too!

--Julie Gerstein

Something Borrowed, Something New: Jenny's One Tough Customer


Bride-to-be Jenny is going to have a "down home elegant" wedding, and wants a dress that stands out. "I don't want the usual strapless dress that everyone wears," she says, of her wedding dress preferences. And surprise, surprise! Jenny's mom Judy wants her to show some skin (that hardly ever happens). But that doesn't mean finding a gown has been easy -- Jenny's already gone shopping three times and gone home empty-handed.

Mom Judy's dress has made quite the journey -- her mother designed the dress and had a tailor make it, and then shipped it over from Taiwan. "My mom passed away 2-1/2 years ago, so it would mean a lot to me if Jenny could wear my dress," she notes.

Do or Don't: Colorful Wedding Dresses

So what will Something Borrowed, Something New tailor extraordinaire Kelly do? Kelly wants to create a sweetheart neckline for her dress, and give the gown a modified fishtail, while also maintaining the integrity of the dress. And that leaves Jenny to go shopping with Sam.


Jenny's friends Ellen and Myan join her mom Judy in helping Jenny choose a new gown. "Jenny can be a perfectionist at times," notes friend Myan. Oh realllly? She hates the first dress Sam gives her, and the next three or 15 don't go any better. After trying on another 20 dresses, Jenny finds a Jasmine "trumpet illusion" gown that she actually likes! Score one for Sam!

Would You Want A Surprise Wedding?

But will the Jasmine gown win out over Kelly's custom creation? Let's compare!


Which would you choose?


Well, we won't leave you in suspense: Jenny picked her "Something Borrowed"! Tune in next Friday at 10/9 c for another great episode.

--Julie Gerstein

Something Borrowed, Something New: Aisha's A Stunning Lady In Red


Well this isn't something you see every day: A red wedding dress? but Aisha isn't your typical bride. And she isn't bringing her mom's dress to Something Borrowed, Something New. Instead, her future-sister-in-law Amburr has lovingly offered Aisha the opportunity to wear her old gown. "I kind of just wanted to be a part of it," she admits. "I know it's not traditional, but nothing about our family is traditional."

And what about Aisha's wedding wishes? Well you'll never believe her inspiration: The movie Burlesque. Yes, the one starring Christina Aguilera. As such, she's hoping for a colorful dress. A red dress, even.

After Kelly promises to go at Amburr's white Monique Lhuillier wedding gown with a few dozen bottles of RIT red, Sam is tasked with the near-impossible job of finding a red dress. In a burlesque-style. Poor Sam.


But actually? He doesn't do a terrible job! Aisha and Amburr are joined by Aisha's sister Apollina and mom Coya. Coya is not thrilled by the idea of her daughter walking down the aisle in a red dress. "It doesn't feel like a wedding without the white dress."

Still, the wedding show must go on. And Aisha goes with a Farage Paris gown with va-va-voom.


Meanwhile, Kelly unveils Amburr's remade dress. Only it looks nothing like the original. It's red, for one. And it's got lots of tulle! Which dress should Aisha pick?


After weighing both options, Aisha went with (drumroll please)...her something new gown! Mazel tov, Aisha!

Something Borrowed, Something New: Jasmine's Family Drama, Katherine's Vintage Gown


Jasmine's a young, fun bride looking forward to her upcoming nuptials. Jasmine's mom Helga has other ideas. Helga was raised a strict Muslim, and wants her daughter to reflect her more conservative values, but Jasmine's not having any of it. After growing up in the Middle East, she rebelled against her parent's conservative values, and wants a wedding--and a dress--that reflects that.


How are Kelly and Sam going to please both mother and daughter? While Kelly works on transforming Helga's old gown into something modern, Sam takes Jasmine shopping. But it's not just Jasmine and her mom he's got to please -- there's also Jasmine's sister Tiffany. Tiffany, a dead ringer for Jennifer Lawrence, has a definite rocker edge, and wants to see her sister go totally wild on her big day.. That raises Sam's eyebrows an inch or two.

After a trying try on, Jasmine chooses a simple A-line gown from Winnie Couture. But will it win out over Kelly's modified, updated version of Helga's dress?



If you chose her "something borrowed," give yourself a pat on the back. You're right!

Now on to Katherine. Katherine's having a very New York wedding in Red Hook, Brooklyn. She likes dresses that are timeless and elegant. Her mother wants her to wear not her dress, but her grandmother's dress. Katherine's grandmother (on her dad's side) wore the cream-colored gown on her wedding day in 1942, but it's badly in need of an update.


Kelly plans on giving Katherine what she wants by removing some of the heavy silk of the gown and giving her a keyhole back. But will her construction win out over Sam's shiny new dress?

Sam meets Katherine and her mother -- along with her bridesman and dame of honor Danny and Sarah. Man, I want to be a dame of honor! Though her mother is advocating heavily for the "something borrowed" option, Katherine picks out a gorgeous $1350 Casablanca pleated satin gown. It looks great out on her, but will it win out over Kelly's newly altered vintage gown?



Score another win for Kelly! Katherine picked her updated "something borrowed" dress.

Tune in this week for an all new Something Borrowed, Something New, Friday at 10/9 c.

--Julie Gerstein

Something Borrowed, Something New: Bridgette Goes From Day To Evening, Gina's Dad Dilemma


This week on Something Borrowed, Something New, we meet bridal blogger Bridgette and her mom Oddie. Oddie got married in a private ceremony -- just herself, her husband and a minister, so her dress is a bit less blingy than most. Instead of a froofy gown, Oddie wore a tasteful two-piece shift dress and jacket. Oddie is hoping Kelly can transform her classy suit into a gorgeous gown -- but it'll take a lot of work!


Kelly plans to give Bridgette a modified mermaid silhouette, that shows off her curves, but gives her enough room to move.

While Kelly's slaving away over a sewing machine, Sam takes Bridgette and her friends Iesha and La Tressa shopping. They've got $3,500 to spend, and Sam gives Bridgette the princess treatment -- so much so that she ends up picking a Jasmine Couture princess-style gown for her "Something New" option.


Mom was not thrilled with Bridgette "Something New" choice, but what do you think?


Well, much to mom Oddie's relief, Bridgette chose her mom's updated gown -- which thrilled both Bridgette and Kelly.

The next episode of Something Borrowed, Something New has a twist -- rather than a dress obsessed mom, Gina has a father who hopes his daughter will wear the dress worn by both his mother and sister.

But what does Gina think of the sleeved-satin gown? The dress isn't really her style, but she and her grandmother were very close, so Gina does like the idea of commemorating her grandmother's memory at her wedding.



Can Kelly work it into something magical?

And can Sam manage Gina's entire family? Because they're all coming dress shopping. In addition to Gina's father, her sister Mary and mom Brenda are also entering the fray. Gina wants a dress with simple, clean lines and very little bling. Her dad definitely doesn't want her showing any skin, but come on--it's her wedding day. Still, Gina tries to respet his wishes, and opts for a ruched Casablanca gown with light rosettes on the train.

Meanwhile, Kelly works on updating Gina's grandmother's dress into something fresh and young. Does she pull it off?


Which dress would you pick?



If you chose the "Something New," give yourself a pat on the back -- so did Gina!

Tune in for next week's episode of Something Borrowed, Something New Friday at 10/9 c.

--Julie Gerstein

Something Borrowed, Something New: Amy's Antique Dress & Lauren's Indecision


On Friday night's episodes of Something Borrowed, Something New, we met two brides-to-be with two very different problems. Bride Amy is in dire need of a wedding dress -- her big day is just 6 weeks away and she still hasn't figured out what she's wearing. In fact, the only dress she's tried on is her mom's old dress, which is a hundred year old family heirloom.


It's a beautiful garment, but it desperately needs to be updated. Kelly wants to get rid of the sleeves and fix up the train.

Meanwhile, over in Sam-land, Amy's given him a $1000 budget and asked him to come up with something that she, her mom and her opinonated friend Louellen all like. Shouldn't be too hard, but you'd be surprised.

Finally, they reach a decision. And Sam's choice goes head to head with Kelly's newly updated family heirloom. Which should she choose?

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Something Borrowed, Something New: Jaime's Indecision


On the debut episode of the new TLC show Something Borrowed, Something New, we met a bride with a serious decision making process. Jaime, a Baltimore Ravens' cheerleader, and an indecisive bride-to-be who's tried on more than a hundred dresses. Surprisingly, it's Jamie's dad Jim, not her mom Kathy, that wants Jamie to wear her mother's dress. Dress designer Kelly has a lot of chiffon on her hands, but believes that she can transform Kathy's dress into something magical. But bridal stylist Sam is equally convinced that he can find Jamie a great new dress at Winnie Couture Bridal Salon in Beverly Hills. Which dress will prevail?



Which dress do you think Jaime should pick?

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"Something Borrowed, Something New" Is Family vs. Fashion


It's every bride's worst nightmare. She gets engaged, and her proud mother pulls a yellowed, high-necked, bell-sleeved, '70s polyester dress from the attic. "I'd be so honored if you'd wear my wedding gown," she begs.

What's a girl to do?!

In Something Borrowed, Something New, brides plead their cases to designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura. Kelly reworks the gown -- whether it belonged to mom, grandma or even the bride's best friend -- into a garment that accurately reflects her client's shape, personality, venue and wedding theme. While she's hard at work, Sam consults with the bride at a salon and helps her find the new, contemporary gown of her dreams.

When Kelly reveals the updated gown, the bride must choose between something borrowed and something new. It's a highly emotional, high-fashion choice that is anything but easy.

Watch the sneak peek below!

Something Borrowed, Something New premieres Friday, February 8 10|9c

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