"We Do": Hundreds of Couples Take the Plunge in "Mass Moon Wedding"


Mass-moon-wedding-4 Watch a sneak peek of Mass Moon Wedding, and see more pictures from the show.

Three young couples swap vows at a controversial mass wedding in Korea – and TLC has insider access into the event.

Mass Moon Wedding follows the brides and grooms as they travel to Korea to be blessed by their messiah, Reverend Moon.  The couples undertake a condensed courtship -- meeting and making plans for the future with a person they hardly know!  New Yorker Toby met Sunny from Ohio two years ago, but they only decided to get matched three months before the blessing.  Réamonn from England has been matched with a girl from Argentina he hasn't even met! You’ll get to see him meet his future bride at the airport for the very first time.  And Londoner Naomi is matched with her future husband just days before the ceremony.

Watch Mass Moon Wedding Sunday, July 8 @ 10|9c

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