Totally T-Boz: Our Favorite TLC Video Moments


Tonight is the premiere of Totally T-Boz, TLC's new show following rapper/singer/songwriter T-Boz as she works to launch her post-TLC solo career. As a member of TLC, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and her bandmates Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, recorded ten top ten singles, four number one singles, four multi-platinum albums, and won four Grammy Awards. And now, ten years after the death of Lopes, T-Boz is striking out on her own.

"What About Your Friends" (1992) -- One of TLC's first videos, it features Left-Eye wearing her trademark condom eye patch, and includes a cameo from rapper Jermaine Dupri. It's the quentissential '90s party song.


"Waterfalls" (1994) -- This was TLC's attempt to deal with an array of serious issues, including HIV/AIDS and drug abuse and violence. The video, directed by F. Gary Gray, was a minor opus, and garnered the group four MTV Video Music Awards.

"Creep" (1994) --TLC's "Creep" is notable not only for being one of the group's most successful songs, but also for the preponderance of silk pajamas in the video.

"No Scrubs" (1999) --By far, one of the group's biggest hits, "No Scrubs'" added the term "scrub" into the American lexicon. What's a scrub? Well, let T-Boz explain: "A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me / Hanging out the passenger side / Of his best friend's ride / Trying to holla at me." Well said. The video was directed by premier hip hop video director Hype Williams, and the video helped make the song Billboard's 2nd biggest hit of 1999.



"Unpretty" (1999) -- Written by T-Boz and producer Dallas Watkins, "Unpretty" was the second single (after "No Scrubs") from the group's FanMail record. The song is actually based on a poem that T-Boz wrote about unrealistic images of women in the media.

So tell us: what's your favorite TLC video? And don't miss Totally T-Boz, premiering Tuesday, 8pm/7 c.

--Julie Gerstein

T-Boz Is Back


Totally-t-boz-400x300Three years ago, T-Boz was supposed to be working on her solo album. But that's not exactly what happened. And now, she's having to reinvent herself again.

Totally T-Boz offers an inside look into the feisty, fabulous life of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, member of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time: TLC. T-Boz is a little older, a lot more seasoned, and a fully committed to being an amazing mom.  

Her life has been a rocky road -- from dealing with the tragic death of fellow group member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and enduring a very public financial meltdown, to bouncing back from a life-threatening brain tumor while suffering from the debilitating disease Sickle Cell Anemia, T-Boz has always found a funny angle to even the most difficult and trying situations.

In Totally T-Boz, watch as she steps back into the spotlight and tries to get her groove back with the help of her friends and family. She'll create new songs for her solo career and attempt to conquer her health issues -– all while acting as a single mother to her daughter Chase.

Does T-Boz have what it takes to get back out on stage and conquer audiences around the world like she once did? Or, will her drive for a solo career crumble in her path -- and end TLC forever? The chances for fame, fortune and success are endless, as are the obstacles that stand in her way.

Watch a special sneak peek of the show below, and catch the premiere on Jan. 1 8|7c

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