Kid Snippets: Where Adults Do Whatever Kids Say


Kids say the darndest things -- and those things become even funnier when adults mimic them. The guys over at BoredShortsTV made a series of videos calld Kid Snippets, where they voice and act out kid's stories. In this one, a little boy tries teaching his sister how to play basketball -- with unfortunate results. Check out this one, and more from BoredShorts, for a laugh. [Laughing Squid]

Liberty Ross Might Take Cheater Rupert Sanders Back -- Would You?

Steve Granitz/WireImage
By now you've probably heard quite a bit (too much) about married director Rupert Sanders' affair with his Snow White and the Huntsmen star Kristen Stewart. It was the break up heard 'round the world, with thousands of Twilight fans mourning the end of Stewart's relationship with co-star Rob Pattinson. It seemed like Sanders' transgression would for sure signal the end of his 15-year relationship with Ross, and early reports from the couple said as much. Ross was allegedly adamant that a divorce was in the works.

But it seems the mother of two has had some time to reconsider and wants to try and work it out. But she has some terms that Sanders -- who has said he definitely wants to save his marriage -- must meet. First off, she wants a renegotiated pre-nup, that would give her added benefits in the event of a divorce. And, a source told People UK, “There’s a five-point plan that Liberty has drafted up that she would need Rupert to follow and sign in order for her to consider dropping the [divorce] lawsuit." The source wouldn't reveal what Ross's requirements were, but we can certainly imagine that one is probably that he have no further contact with Kristen Stewart.  

Obviously, Ross's decision to remain with her husband or not is entirely up to her, and the machinations of a relationship are deeply personal. But it did get us thinking: If we were in a similar situation, what would our partner have to promise in order to win us back?  And, is there actually anything a cheating lover can do to regain trust?

So we're asking you: If you were in Liberty Ross's shoes (and perhaps you've been in something like it), what would it take to win you back? [Daily Mail]

Retro Revival: Space Age Hairdos Of The Future!


We admit, we've done some pretty crazy things to our hair in the past. There was the hot pink stripe phase, the cropped bleach blonde phase, and the shaved-on-one-side phase. But we can honestly say that we've never thought about putting a model solar system in on our head. In this fabulous vintage clip from the 1960s features a "space age" salon in Workingham, Berkshire, UK where men in campy capes minister to your every hair whim.

Atomic curlers, futuristic hair pieces and "lurid space age tales"  -- oh my! It seems this '60s trend was a little too out of this world to actually stick. Too bad -- we would have really loved one of those sparkly silver capes.

What's the wildest hairdo you've ever sported?


--Julie Gerstein

Would You Try A "50 Shades Of Grey" Date Experience?


50_shades_082212_mCan't get enough 50 Shades of Grey? We confess we haven't read it yet, but we're certainly well aware of the hype surrounding E.L James' books. So while you wait for the 50 Shades movie to come out, can we interest you in something a bit more, uh, immersive? Why not try a 50 Shades dinner party?

Before you get too hot and bothered, the 50 Shades Of Grey dinner/date experience is being designed and sponsored by a British tourism company, aiming to capitalize off the success of the book. The Falstaff Experience company is currently casting for an actor to play Christian Grey. Once chosen, he'll be "expected to lead women around the town, entertain them, and ensure they find their way to the best places to eat and drink."

Ben Pugh, events and engagement manager for the Falstaff Experience says they expect their future Mr. Grey to act with "decency and decorum." So we're betting that heavy spanking is probably off the table.

Continues Pugh, "Humor and fun are at the core of all of our tours and this one will be no different. The real challenge will be to make the very serious character of Mr Grey appealing in a fun way." Yes, that certainly will be a challenge.

For fans who simply can't afford the trip to London, take heart: The 50 Shades movie is still in the works, and there's always the 50 Shades planned underwear line.

--Julie Gerstein

Why You Might Want To Be Careful When Picking Movies For Your Kids


The mom and dad in this clip probably didn't think twice before taking their two young sons to see the new PG-rated Jennifer Garner flick The Odd Life of Timothy Green, but their kids had a rather strong (and darkly hilarious) reaction to the movie. It seems (SPOILER ALERT!) young Timothy dies at the end of the movie, which sends these two boys into unstoppable hysterics. You can hear their mom quietly laugh-cackling in the background, as she films her sons freaking out. Eventually, even they start to think it's just a tiny bit funny that they're so upset.

Don't worry boys, E.T. made us cry for weeks, so we know how you feel.

Have you ever taken your kids to a movie that made them surprisingly upset?

--Julie Gerstein

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