Miliary Women Join Models on the Runway During New York Fashion Week


Every year hundred and hundreds of the best, most recognizable models strut their stuff during New York Fashion Week, but this year, some particularly impressive women joined them. Fourteen brave military servicewomen walked the runway in little black dresses as part of the "Salute the Runway" event.

Sponsored by Little Black Dress Wines and Fatigues to Fabulous, a campaign meant to recognize female veterans and raise awareness about the difficulties transitioning back to civilian life, the evening celebrated the blood, sweat and tears that women have poured into defending our country.

Every woman participating got a head-to-toe makeover, including coaching from Hilary Rhoda of IMG Models and makeup tips from famed cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown. They donned chic black dresses from top designers, including Michael Kors, Nicole Miller and Betsey Johnson, before walking in front of a large and supportive audience.

Fatigues to Fabulous spokeswoman retired Army Capt. Leslie Nicole Smith (pictured below) walked the runway with her Seeing Eye dog and proudly exposed her prosthetic leg.

“There is an overwhelming sense of pride in having worn the uniform,” Smith told Women's Wear Daily. Calling it an "amazing experience," she felt like this event gave servicewomen the opportunity to say, “I’m beautiful, and I’m a woman, and I feel so confident.” What do you think of the event?

-- Mara Betsch

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A Real Woman's Guide to Crop Tops: 5 Ways to Make Them Work for You


As much as we wanted to think crop tops are just a passing phase, it looks like they are here to say (see the recent sartorial choices at the Teen Choice Awards). And lest you believe that pop stars (we're looking at you, Taylor Swift) or ladies who are a size two are the only ones who can pull them off, we're here to prove you wrong. Follow our real woman's guide to baring your midriff. We'll show you five brilliant ways to style them so you can rock this trend while looking chic and sophisticated.

1. Layer a Blazer on Top

With crop tops, we've learned that less (skin) is more. Even though blogger Gabi Fresh is curvy, she paired this crop top with an adorable shorts suit, showing off just a sliver of skin. This look is perfect for a weekend outing.

2. Look for Tops with Volume

If you're body conscious, choose a crop top that doesn't hug the body, so that the hem grazes the waistband of your bottom. Pair it with an A-line or pencil skirt, depending on your body type. You'll create a lovely silhouette without any effort. The look below is from Monique Lhuiller's resort collection, and this could work for a wedding or formal event.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 6.30.10 PM

3. Choose High-Waisted Bottoms

Even if you don't have six-pack abs, make crop tops work for you by choosing a skirt or pair of pants with a high waist. This will slim your hips, butt and thighs while also highlighting the thinnest part of your waist.

4. Choose Matching Separates

If you're especially nervous about rocking a crop top, this is the way to go. Wearing two pieces of matching fabric will create a cohesive look that doesn't draw attention to the skin you're baring around your midsection.

5. Try a High-Low Hem

This is another super flattering way to whittle your middle. Having a crop top that is higher in the front than the back will draw attention to the cascading hem, going away from your body, and not your belly.

-- Mara Betsch

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5 Jaw-Dropping Looks from the CFDA Awards


Last night was one of fashion's biggest events. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (or CFDA) Awards honor all the designers and their contributions to American fashion in the past year. Awards are given for design excellence in womenswear, menswear, and accessories as well as accomplishments in journalism, creative vision, and lifetime achievement. Stars are also in attendance, usually escorted by designers, and model a variety of high-fashion and head-scratching outfits.

Rihanna, winner of the fasion icon award, modeled this completely sheer Adam Selman dress, complete with a fur stole.

Blake Lively went for a 60s bombshell look in Michael Kors.

"12 Years a Slave" Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o followed up her controversial Met Ball ensemble with yet another fashion-forward look from Suno. Yes, those are shorts.

Not one to shy away from a dramatic look, supermodel Coco Rocha stuns in this black-and-white Christian Siriano gown with an elegant black hat and dark lip.

After making headlines for her altercation with Jay-Z, Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles wows on the CFDA red carpet in this sparkly Calvin Klein dress.

Do you think these are the most memorable looks? If not, who's on your list of best and worst dressed lists?

-- Mara Betsch

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Would You Look at Your Daughter's Prom Date Like This?


Teenagers going to prom is an age-old tradition. Yet that doesn't mean the parents of said teenagers have to be happy about it. Former Auburn football coach Gene Chizik accidentally photobombed his daughter's prom pictures and was caught giving her date a hard stare. Perhaps he's not impressed? Or perhaps he's worried this guy's hand is a little bit lower than he'd like?

-- Mara Betsch

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You Need This: 6 Not-So-Traditional French-Inspired Breton Stripe Looks


A Breton stripe adds a classy French feeling to any outfit. Made popular by style icons like Bridgitte Bardot and Jane Birkin in the '60s, a boatneck Breton-stripe shirt—worn with jeans, or khakis—is a clean, simple and super hip look and it's really easy to wear. 

We've picked out six Breton-striped looks that defy the typical blue and white stripe you're probably thinking of.

Take a look!



Boden Collared Breton, $43.20

Boden Colorblock Breton, $54

French Connection Cap Sleeve Dress, $138 

Rag & Bone Sleeveless Shirt, $92.40

MiH Jeans Shirt, $150

Etre Cecile Striped Shirt, $115

Plus-Size At 135 Pounds? One Model's Story


Madeline Hill

It's New York Fashion Week right now, which seems like a fitting time to be reminded that as much as we love fashion, clothes, and all things designer, the fahion industry still promotes rather unrealistic images of women. Case in point: Model Madeline Hill, who was considered "plus size" at size 6. 

Hill chronicles being told she's too big to model in fashion week in an essay for Fashionista, recalling how at age 19, she was told her 135 pound form was too bulky. Instead, designers wanted her to slim down to her 120 pound size—the weight she'd been when she was just 16 years-old. 

"At 17, I’d gone from practically starving myself—essentially trying to prevent my body from developing into adulthood – to being called the modeling industry’s version of “fat” in a matter of months," she writes. Hill thankfully understood that what her modeling agency wanted wasn't a super-thin adult woman's body, but actually a pre-pubescent body, the body of a girl. A body she no longer had and could never have again. it made it easier to turn away from the pressure to drop the weight. But a lot of other models aren't so lucky. They spend years fighting their body's natural desire for curves, developing eating disorders, starving themselves or subjecting themselves to extreme exercise regimens to maintain an unrealistic shape. 

Meredith Hattam also modeled and was told to lose weight or lose her contract. As she explains it, the lack of industry regulation is part of what allows girls to continue to be exploited. "There is no regulatory body for agencies because models are independent contractors, yet they are booked for jobs exclusively by an agency who takes commission. Basically, you’re a freelancer who can’t actually freelance. Not to mention, models are usually insurance-less, making mental health resources hard to come by. Models can’t even sue employers for sexual harassment, because they are not technically employees," she wrote in a recent piece for Vice"This environment breeds a sense of instability perpetuated by agencies who act as employers but refuse to take responsibility for basic labor rights, such as timely payment, health insurance, and protection from sexually abusive clients." 

There is one bright spot: In 2012, the Model Alliance was founded to help lobby on behalf of models and protect the rights of young women and girls who are modeling. In 2013, they were able to help pass legislation to protect child models. 

Madeline Hill believes the alliance will help prevent other girls from experiencing a fate similar to hers. "Sometimes it is hard to defy agencies in fear that they will drop you, but girls need to realize that they have rights too," she says. "If you don't feel comfortable, say something. If an agent is pressuring you to lose weight, they are not looking out for your best interests."  




Say Yes to Seth Meyers


Syttd-seth-myers-300x200When Say Yes to the Dress returns, one bride is going to get the surprise of her life: a visit from comedian Seth Meyers!

The Saturday Night Live alum -- who's taking over NBC's Late Night on February 24 -- became acquainted with Shealynn Casserly, an Army medic, when he visited her at Walter Reed, a hospital for injured veterans, while she was recovering from an injury she got from a roadside bomb explosion in Afghanistan.

Through a program at Walter Reed that allows patients to meet a celebrity of their choice, Shealynn got a special introduction to Seth Meyers. It was an unforgettable experience -- but things are about to get even more exciting for her. Engaged and shopping for her wedding dress at Kleinfeld, Shealynn's going to be saying "yes" and "oh, my gosh!"when Seth reveals himself to congratulate her on the engagement -- and on her choice of the perfect dress.

Don't miss this special episode of Say Yes to the Dress when the series returns for its 11th season Friday, February 21 at 9|8c. We predict you'll have stars AND tears in your eyes.

Image credit: DCL

You Need This: Warm Winter Accessories To Keep You Cozy In Cold Weather


If you're anything like us, you've already lost a pair of gloves or two winter hats. It's tough with this arctic winter chill (or polar vortex, if you like) to be hatless or gloveless, so we've come up with some cute matchy-matchy hat and glove options. And best of all — none of these sets is more than $50. So even if you leave a pair of gloves in a cab, or forget a hat at a friend's house, you're not out a huge amount. 

Happy shopping and stay warm!


1. Emu Beechworth Earmuff and Glove Set, $43.96

2. La Florentina Acrylic Scarf Set, $22.12

3. Calvin Klein Leopard Set, $46.99

4. Muk Luks Pom Pom Hat & Scarf Set, $44.60

5. Muk Luks Scarf and Glove Set, $29.99

6. Muk Luks Beanie and Touch Gloves Set, $33.60

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


Irish Travellers Show off True Gypsy Style in Luck of the Irish


Wedding-dress-400x300On Thursday, Dec. 26, after an all-new Gypsy Sisters, get ready for a special episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that's luckier than most. In My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: Luck of the Irish, follow brides, babies and brawling revelers for a taste of Irish Traveller culture.

Sixteen-year-old Lully was born and raised in England in a very strict Irish Traveller community. Even though she's never been to Ireland, Lully speaks with a thick Irish accent because she stays in the company of other Irish Travellers. Now that she's engaged to her true love, Martin, Lully is looking forward to planning a traditional wedding. But her path down the aisle is put to the test when wedding stress and family drama takes over. Will Lully make it to the altar?

In Ireland, the fearsome Joyce family is preparing for baby Alice's christening. Alice was born into strong Traveller stock; her grandfather Joe was a former bare-knuckle boxer known as "The King of the Travellers." The Joyces are determined to celebrate St. Patrick's Day before the christening, but they've been banned from almost every pub in town. The men take their partying to the streets, where festive drinking activities and disorderly chaos ensues. Will their conduct get them into trouble at a time when their family needs them the most?

Back in England, Irish Traveller Brendan, who's a distant relative of the Joyce family, is determined to visit Ireland for the first time and take a proper part in St. Patrick's Day festivities. He can't wait to head to his motherland for the most important day of the year, but will the experience be all that he's imagined?

Famous gypsy dressmaker Thelma Madine is also en route to Ireland to attend the wedding of Irish Traveller, Nan. Nan has enlisted Thelma's help in creating an incredible 200-pound dress to wear on her big day. But Nan hasn't anticipated just how difficult it will be to move around in a huge, bone-crushing gown like this. Can she physically make it through her wedding day?

Watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: Luck of the Irish on Thursday, Dec. 26 at 10|9c.

Lully is all smiles as she prepares to say "I do," despite the family drama. (Credit: DCL)

Randy's Top Trends Countdown


Randy-fenoli-200x300On Friday, Dec. 20 at 9|8c, join Randy Fenoli for a can't-miss special!

Say Yes to the Dress: Randy's Top Trends counts down the 10 hottest bridal trends of the moment -- and not just in dresses. Randy's holistic approach to wedding fashion means you'll also get tips on beauty and planning to make your dream wedding come to life.

Even if you're a traditional bride, you want to incorporate some contemporary elements into your wedding -- classic shouldn't mean dated. Whether it's the silhouette of the season (bombshell mermaid), the must-have reception venue (rustic barn) or the flavor-of-the-day favor (whimsical candy bar), all brides want something about their wedding to whisper, "I'm in the know. I'm stylish." And now that we're well into the 2010s, that doesn't mean a chocolate fountain or puffy sleeves!

Randy explains that the millenial bride was obsessed with designer labels, and her predecessors, the '90s and '80s brides, were all about minimalism and excess, respectively. So what defines today's bride?

As the resident expert shares 10 categories of contemporary bridal chic, get ready to be inspired -- and a little surprised, too!

Say Yes to the Dress: Randy's Top Trends airs this BrideDay at 9|8c!

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