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Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Have an Epic Lip Sync Battle


In yet another brilliant lip sync battle, Jimmy Fallon challenges The Voice coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton (Side note: Why weren't Pharrell and Adam Levin invited?) to a sing-off, sort of. Pulling out all the stops, choosing some huge pop hits, and breaking out their best dance moves, the singers gave it their best go. Blake Shelton kicked things off with Taco's "Puttin' on the Ritz" followed by Jimmy Fallon's hilarious version of "Burn" by Ellie Goulding and then Gwen Stefani's rocker rendention of Carly Ray Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." There's even a joke about Gwen's Emmy flub and a surprise duet in the final round! Watch all the shenanigans below:

These never get old to me! Hope this gem will ease you into the weekend.

-- Mara Betsch

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5 Spring Activities to Do with Your Kids


Picking-strawberries-360x240After a particularly brutal winter, I think everyone is excited to have some sunshine -- including your children. These five activities are easy – and affordable – ways to spend a warm afternoon outside. Use them as inspiration when you kids are begging to get out of the house.

Pick Strawberries (or Blueberries, or Peaches)

No matter where you live, there is probably a farm nearby that will let you visit and take back some of their delicious produce. It's a great way to teach kids where their food comes from, and maybe it will inspire you to make a healthy dinner as well. PickYourOwn.org lists farms in each state if you're unsure of where to go.

Have a Picnic

Pack some sandwiches, fruit, and any of your child's favorite snacks, and take your lunch outside. A local park or other outdoor location is ideal, and you can spend the afternoon eating your delicious foods. If it's partly cloudy, take turns with your children pointing out clouds in funny and familiar shapes.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This one requires a little bit of creativity, but it can be done anywhere – your backyard, a playground, or a local park. Just give your child a list of things to find in the area you are in. That could be an acorn, a rock the size of a quarter, a lost button, a penny, etc. Let them explore the area unitl they find a certain number of items on the list.

Feed the Ducks at a Local Pond

This is the perfect excuse to get rid of some stale bread. Where there's a pond, there's usually ducks, and it's a great opportunity to get some adorable photos of your children in nature. Just be wary of swans – they bite!

Visit the Petting Zoo

Nothing delights a child more than seeing animals up close. And though you may have to deal with a little bit of barnyard stink, your kids will have a blast watching goats, rabbits, or whichever animals are in your local area. If the farm allows it, bring carrots or other veggies to feed them!

-- Mara Betsch

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Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Puts on 20 Pounds, Looks Amazing!


Rachel Frederickson, the latest winner of "The Biggest Loser," is sporting a new, and some would say healthier, look. The Internet blew up in early February after she revealed her shocking 155-pound weight loss, going from 260 pounds to 105 pounds, which even shocked the show's veteran trainers.

However, in an interview with Us Weekly magazine, she revealed that she's since put on 20 pounds to bring her to a healthy 125 pounds. At 5'4", this weight puts her at a healthier BMI than when she was thinner. And Frederickson agrees: "I think I'm at my perfect weight!" she told the magazine.

Though Frederickson still works out six days a week for an hour – Soul Cycle is a favorite of hers –and eats healthfully, but has backed off the three-a-day workouts she did while preparing for the "Biggest Loser" finale.

To help maintain her new wholesome lifestyle, Frederickson utilizes the tools the show gave her. She told Us Weekly, "We have monthly calls with the other contestants and the show psychologist," Frederickson said. "And our nutritionist is available 24/7. I'll call her from the farmers' market and say, 'What is this? How would I cook it?'"

Take a look at the pictures she posted below. The first is just a day after the finale aired, the second is from a month later at the Oscars. What do you think? Does she look better?



--Mara Betsch

A Touching April Fools' Day Prank That Will Make You Reach for Your Hanky


Usually April Fools' Day pranks don't bring you to tears, but we dare you not to cry when you watch this sweet video of a do-gooder waitress having her best shift ever!

Chelsea Roth, 23, hasn't had an easy life. She raised her younger sister on her own and battled and defeated a serious eating disorder that left her hospitalized for 18 months. She spends her free time running her non-profit yoga program called Eat, Breathe, Thrive, which helps others manage their eating issues through yoga.

Her lovely demeanor has won the hearts of her co-workers, and her boss nominated her for a "Prank It FWD" day sponsored by Break.com, a initiative that tries to change lives through their pranks. Watch below as she receives incredible tips from "customers": $1,000, a trip to Hawaii, her dream job as a yoga instructor and a new car!

Roth is still reeling from the incredible experience. “No one has ever just given me things that I don’t have to work for,” she said.  “I was just so shocked. In life you work for things, that’s how you get things,” she told GoodMorningAmerica.com.

With the funding and notoriety from her viral video, she hopes to turn her work at Eat, Breathe, Thrive into a full-time career.  But first, she has a vacation to take!

-- Mara Betsch

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Rest in Peace, 'Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum'


Wesley Warren Jr., the inspiring subject of TLC's show Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum, died on Friday at a Las Vegas hospital.

The 49-year-old's cause of death was not released by University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, but he had a history of high blood pressure and asthma. Some believe that heart troubles may have been the issue.

Friend and roommate Joey Hurtado told the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “He was in the hospital for five and a half weeks. He had infections that I think were brought on by his diabetes and then he had those heart attacks.”

Warren was known for having a rare condition called scrotal lymphedema, which causes the scrotum to swell and enlarge due to a thickening tissue and excess fluid. He first noticed problems in 2008, and the tissue began to grow at a rate of approximately 3 pounds per month until it reached 132 pounds.

Lacking health insurance, Warren tried to deal with the problem himself for four years. Finally, last April, Dr. Joel Gelman offered to perform the difficult surgery to remove the swollen tissue for free. Warren was estimated to have weighed more than 500 pounds before the surgery, and lost 200 of those pounds in the 13 hours he was in the operating room.

With his newfound freedom, Warren was finally able to take road trips and do things that were difficult for the past four years. Hurtado told the Review-Journal that he didn't believe this surgery had anything to do with Warren's untimely death.

TLC is saddened to hear about the sudden loss of Wesley. He was a lovely man who bravely told his story, and we share our condolences with his family and friends.

If you'd like to know about Warren's life, The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum will air on TLC Wednesday, March 19 @ 10 PM.

-- Mara Betsch

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Toddlers, The Latest Fitness Craze That's Sweeping The Nation


Have you tried the latest workout craze? It's called the Lilly Ann, and it's very ... cute. Dad Michael captured he and his toddler daughter Lilly Ann "working out" together and the result it pretty magical. At one point Michael complains that he can't keep up with Lilly Ann's demanding routine. "This is tough, I can’t handle you,” he whines.  

But back to the Lilly Ann program. It kind of sounds like a great plan to us—a brief series of "exercises" (mostly involving raising yourself up on your elbows), followed by someone feeding you, and then a looooong nap. Yup, we could get into the Lilly Ann workout. 


I Want To Go To There: The First-Ever Cat Emporium Opens In London


This week marked the launch of London's first-ever cat cafe. That's right, a cafe where you can go, enjoy a spot of tea or a pastry, and pet some cats. Just, you know, whenever. 

What madness is this? And how can we get invited? 

It's called Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, and it's designed as a meeting place for cat lovers. The place is immensely popular, with tables getting booked up far in advance. Sure, the food is good, but visitors are really coming so they can spend some quality time with the cafe's 11 cat residents—Adamska, Artemis, Biscuit, Carbonelle, Donnie, Indiana, Loki, Mue, Petra, Romeo and Wookie. Yes, Wookie. 

Cat cafes have been popular in other major cities, including Taiwan and Tokyo, where having a pet is often not possible because of too-small apartments or strict building codes. But this is a first for London. The cafe was actually crowd-funded into existence by a campaign on Indiegogo—its owners raised more than $200,000 for the venture. 

And we have no doubt it's going to be wildly successful. "I see commuters walking on their way to and from the station stopping to pet the neighbourhood cats," said co-owner Lauren Pears, "and since I am unable to own a cat myself due to my current flat and long hours I understand the desire to have a cat around." Chances are, there's a whole lot of other Londoners who feel the same way. [Daily Mail]



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2571003/Feline-like-coffee-Bizarre-fad-stroking-cats-kittens-hits-Britain-cat-cafe-opens-London-doesnt-look-busy-yet.html#ixzz2uksr2DHi 
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Totally Amazing 85-Year-Old Becomes The Oldest Woman To Donate A Kidney


Most of picture our dotage as sitting around knitting, petting cats and generally living a demure, mellow life. But that's not the case for one anonymous British octogenarian who decided to do something rather unheard of in her old age—donate a kidney. 

The woman approached the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire and offered up the kidney as a "purely altruistic act," said Fiona Biggins, transplant recipient coordinator at the hospital. 

"I had two kidneys, but I knew I could survive perfectly well with just one. Why do I need two kidneys to sit at home knitting and watching television?" said the woman. True enough!

The hospital has no upper limit on how old you can be to donate a kidney, said Biggins, so after tests deemed her kidney was worthy of donation, she was cleared for surgery. She's since turned 86, and hopes that her good deed will encourage other older people to think about how they can help others. 

"The fact she wanted to remain anonymous after making the donation shows how selfless she is and how she made the donation for purely altruistic reasons," said Biggins. We say: It's hard going under the knife at any age, so kudos to this tough broad for thinking of others and giving so selflessly. [Daily Mail]


All The Academy Award-Nominated Movies, As Performed By Kids


Kids, they say the darndest things, and they perform the best renditions of this year's top movies. Just in time for this year's Academy Awards, Cinefix had a crew of talented kid actors reenact scenes from each of the Best Picture nominees. 

Well, sort of. 

You see, most of the films are a bit too "adult" in nature for the kids to really understand, or act out in good conscience, so they did cleaned up, modified versions. They're still funny, charming, and super on-point. And if you haven't seen some of this year's crop of Best Picture picks, we suggest you check out this amazing clip as a primer. 


Your Daily Aw: A Florida Panther Kitten Grows Up


Oh sorry, we didn't see you there! We were too busy obsessing over this panther kitten that was found abandoned in the Florida wilderness at just a week old. The tiny kitten was discovered by a helpful Florida Fish and Wildlife employee, who brought him and nursed the kitten back to health.

A short few days later, the little guy was in much better spirits.

Just listen to that incredible purr!


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