"Half-Ton Killer?" Is a Murder Mystery -- With a Twist


Half-Ton Killer? follows one of the most controversial and shocking murder mysteries in recent U.S. history. Mayra Rosales, one of the world's heaviest women, confessed to killing her nephew while baby-sitting. But the facts just didn't add up.

In a Texas border town, along a major corridor known for drugs and human trafficking, Rosales was bedridden from obesity. She claimed that she accidentally crushed and killed her two year-old nephew. Immediately, the case took fire. The media wanted to bring her to justice, citizens demanded their tax dollars go elsewhere, and the judicial system scrambled for a solution.

Her attorney, Sergio Valdez, questioned the confession. The boy’s injuries appeared to be no accident, and Rosales -- deathly ill from pneumonia and weighing 1,100 pounds -- required 10 men and an extra-large ambulance to even reach the hospital. An investigation into her family's suspicious behavior revealed a story far more sinister than anyone could've guessed.

Half-Ton Killer? offers exclusive access to Rosales, her lawyer and other experts as the case is examined. Murder comes in all sizes in this compelling true story of law, love and lies. Watch Wednesday, Oct. 10 @ 9|8c.

UPDATE: Watch two exclusive scenes from the special below!

See a sneak peek of the special and a first look at Mayra's unusual case.

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