11 Absurdly Cute Family-Friendly Halloween Costumes


If your child hasn’t already reminded you 837 times, Halloween is just around the corner. As this ghoulish holiday inches closer, the excitement of creating a fun costume that will make others “ooo” and “aww” is the name of the game. The fun isn’t just for the kiddies either! We found some parents who really got into the spirit of the season with some of the most epic and adorable family costumes we’ve ever seen. So before you buy a prepackaged Batman ensemble, check out these clever costumes. Isn’t it always more fun when everyone joins in, anyway?  

1. Pillsbury Doughboy and Baker

Warning: Costume may induce poking of the stomach

2. Family of S’Mores 

For the family who loves the great outdoors - s'more what?

3. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

These costumes look juuusssttt right.

4. Dumb and Dumber


5. The Beekeepers

Don't leave the pup behind! 

6. Candyland

Isn't Candyland what the holiday is all about? Trick-or-Treat!

7. The Chef and the Lobster 

Ooh la la, how gourmet -- perfect for the foodie! 

8. Dr. Evil and Mini Me

Just the two of us. 

9. Charlie Brown and Lucy   

It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

10. Surfer Attacked by Sharks

Stay out of the water!

11. Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat

A curious little monkey, indeed!

Tell us all about your family fun Halloween ideas! 

by Melanie Owens

11 Neat Wall Decals To Make Your House A Home


Wall decals are a really awesome way to jazz up a room with minimal effort. They're typically affordable and easily removable, which makes them great for dorm rooms, growing kids rooms (whose tastes change at the drop of a hat) and rentals, or to try out a style before having to commit to paint or wallpaper. 

We've picked out 11 of our faves. Take a look, and give one a whirl!


Peacock Feathers Wall Decal, $32.99 [Stuck On You Vinyl Decals]


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Last Minute Christmas Gift: How To Wrap A Cat


Still stuck on what to give for the holidays this year? May we suggest a cat? According to this very funny video, they look just great all wrapped up in holiday trimmings. Plus, they're warm and cuddly and generally a pleasant addition to the home. 

Seriously, we have no idea how this guy was able to convince his cat to sit still long enough to wrap her. We can't imagine getting any cat we know to submit to such a thing. Which is unfortunate, because the result is hilarious.

Gives Us Paws: Crafting for Canines


IMG_0121If you've been bitten by the Craft Wars bug (who hasn't?), you may be looking for a few good craft projects. We've got a ton.

On tonight's new episode, crafters cater to little ones and four-legged friends. Catch a sneak peek here.

Over on the Craft Wars blog, we have a special step-by-step project. This gorgeous beaded necklace can be sized to fit you or Fido. Joy, who developed the project, dressed her pug to perfection with her version of the craft. Isn't he cute? -- Candace Keener

Watch Craft Wars tonight at 10|9c.

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