A Cake That Would Make Cake Boss Proud



We know the way to Cake Boss Buddy Valastro's heart. It's impossibly executed cake creations that wow. And amateur baker Lara Clarke, from Brownhills, Birmingham, UK, managed to do just that, with her Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Johnny Depp cake. 

What is it about this cake that's so amazing? Is it that it's a life-size portrait of Johnny as Jack Sparrow? That it stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall? That it took Lara 90 hours to make? Or that she only started baking two years ago and learned by watching tutorials online? 

Before watching the tutorials, "All I'd really made before was some bog-standard banana cake in home economics," she said. She's competing with the cake this week in what's known as the Cake International, going up against master bakers for the title of top baker. 

We're pretty impressed with the cake, but there are at least a few people who will probably be happy to see him go. 

"It took me 90 hours to make. We live with my fiancé's parents and I think they will be pleased to get rid of it," said Clarke. "When my father-in-law first saw him, he leapt about 10ft in the air thinking we had burglars." [BBC]



Are You Ready For Tonight's Very Special Honey Boo Boo Vs. Cake Boss Family Feud Face Off??


Check out more photos in our photo gallery

Tonight TLC takes over Family Feud, and it's an all out battle! The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan is going head to head with Buddy and the Cake Boss family for Feud supremacy and we can't wait for the feudin' to begin!

But in the meantime, we've got a couple sweet treats for you. Think you know your Boo Boos from your Bosses? Take our super fun Family Feud quiz and find out just how well you do! (We're proud to say we got a perfect score!)

We've also got a great gallery of photos of both Honey Boo Boo and Cake Boss teams getting into the action on the set of Family Feud. Click through to see some of the silliness. 

And if you really can't wait 'til tonight's episode, check out this great sneak peek of Alana getting into a sassiness contest with Feud host Steve Harvey. It's pretty cute, we think you'll agree. 

Don't miss tonight's episode: Click here to find out when Family Feud is on in your area.

World's Largest Key Lime Pie Made In Florida


Key lime pie: it's not my favorite, but I may have to give it another try. That's because the folks of Key West, Florida, –– the place where key lime pie was invented and perfected –– have just created the world's biggest key lime pie.


This isn't Key West's first go at World's Largest KLP: Back in 1987, volunteers presented the city council with a pie that was 7 feet in diameter. But that's nothing compared to the latest, an 8-foot-in-diameter monster made specially for the 2013 Key Lime Festival.

What goes into a pie that big? Well, 6,000 key limes, 200 pounds of graham crackers, and 55 gallons of sweetened condensed milk. My teeth are aching at the thought.

The pie still has to be verified as World's Biggest by the Guinness Book of World Records, but we think it's a pretty safe bet to pass muster. But would it pass Buddy's test?

Catch Buddy and the rest of the Cake Boss crew, Monday nights at 9/8 c.

9 Celeb Ladies With Secret Pageant Pasts


Wikimedia commons

Love 'em or hate 'em, it's undeniable that beauty pageants have turned out some rather dynamic women. For instance, did you know that former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was crowned Miss Wasilla, Washington in 1981? And while she didn't win that year's Miss Alaska Pageant, she was crowned Miss Congeniality.

You'd be suprised, actually, by the large numbers of famous faces who have done a pageant or two in their time.

Don't believe us? Click through for some of our favorite secret pageant queens. (And don't forget to check out the new season of Toddlers & Tiaras, Wednesday at 9/8 c.

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Beehives and Camouflage on All-New "DC Cupcakes" Special


Dc-cupcakes-get-tanked-300Heard of HonFest? It's an annual festival in Baltimore that celebrates over-the-top retro style and encourages attendees to don beehives, boas, bold '50s and '60s patterns and cat eye glasses. You don't have to be an old-fashioned housewife to be a Hon -- you just have to love a good time and the color pink! Katherine and Sophie fit the demographic and received a special invitation to participate in the HonFest pageant.

For the talent portion of the competition, they created a 6' cupcake Hon flamingo.The challenge wasn't easy, though. The sisters struggled to find the perfect shade of pink for their bird, and creating its feathers led to a heated discussion in the Georgetown Cupcake lab. Getting the bird from D.C. to Baltimore was another struggle. As the creation melted in the truck, Sophie, Katherine and Mommy had to get Hon makeovers. (Check out their beehives in this slideshow!) Did they sweep the competition with their new looks and impressive confection?

In typical Katherine/Sophie style, the busy sisters couldn't turn down a request for a big build -- especially when the client was the U.S. Army! The sisters committed to HonFest and a birthday celebration at the Pentagon just days apart. Besides the flamingo build, they dreamed up a giant cupcake tank for the Army's 237th birthday. This wouldn't be any ordinary cupcake tank (if there is such a thing!): It would be built to scale and would shoot cupcakes!

With mad genius Steve working on the tank's structure and firing mechanism, Katherine and Sophie were tasked with preparing camouflage fondant and more than 5,000 cupcakes to cover the tank. When the job seemed impossible, they called in the troops -- literally! But could Georgetown Cupcake and the U.S. Army finish this huge project in time?

Find out when DC Cupcakes: Get Tanked premieres Friday, June 14 at 7|6c!

Watch some of the best DC Cupcakes videos right here!

Photo credit: DCL

The Worst Celebrity Tattoo Ever: Round Two!



It's Tattoo Thursday! Did you vote in last week's Worst Celeb Tattoo poll? If not, check that out, and then take a look at this week's round.This week we've got tats from Pam Anderson, Mike Tyson and a slew of other stars.

Are you ready for round two? Let's take a look, shall we?


Pam Anderson got a barbed wire tattoo after she appeared in the stinker of a movie, Barbed Wire.


Just in case Steve-O forgets what he looks like, he can always refer to the large portrait of himself. On his back.


Mike Tyson's swirly tribal head tattoo definitely makes a statement.


Mena Suvari's got "Word, Sound, Power" on her back. What does it mean!?


Melanie Griffith got this tribute to her hubby Antonio Banderas on her arm. Too sexy!

So which is the worst of the bunch? Take our poll and tell us!

Don't miss America's Worst Tattoos and NY Ink, every Thursday night at 9/8 c.

--Julie Gerstein

The Worst Celebrity Tattoo Ever: Round One!



In celebration of Tattoo Thursdays, and the show America's Worst Tattoos, in particular, we're going to take a look at some of the worst celebrity tattoos out there. Each week we'll give you a selection of five bad celeb tats, and you'll vote for whichever you think is the worst (and some of them are seriously bad.) In the end, we'll crown one the Worst Celebrity Tattoo of All Time!

Are you ready to play? Let's take a look, shall we?

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The Final Three: Who Is The Next Great Baker?


Last week, The Next Great Baker whittled the contestants down from 13 to a final three -- Gretel-Ann, Jen and Ashley. But you just knew it wasn't going to be that simple. The first challenge brings the women to Las Vegas, and has them tasked with making and selling at least 400 cookies, 100 pastries, 10 cakes, and 10 pies. That's certainly not a one-person job, so Buddy invites each contestant to choose a team to work with -- from Buddy's staff and family.

Oh, but that's not all.

Next_great_bakerThe final three are also given a choice of past Next Great Baker contestants -- including Peter, Paul, Em, Garrett, Letty and Melissa -- but are at the mercy of their fellow competitors to assign team members. Ashley gets first pick and sends her nemesis Paul to Gretel-Ann. Gretel-Ann then puts Garrett on Jen's team.

Each team draws up a planned menu for the challenge. Jen attemps to win Buddy over with an Italian amaretto cream cake, whoopie pies, caramel apple pie and a bunch of cream puffs.

Gretel-Ann chooses a chocolate dulce delight cake, along with a wide variety of cookies, and lemon bars and eclairs. 

Ashley opts for something called a chess pie (we're intrigued!), raspberry tarts and profiteroles and spiced, oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

Because she's not above doing something incredibly sneaky to win, Gretel-Ann hides the baking sheets from the other teams and alters the temperatures on Jen and Ashley's ovens. That. Is. Cruel.

The strategy works, sort of. Ashley still manages to completely outsell Gretel-Ann. But Gretel-Ann does manage to beat Jen, who goes home in the Las Vegas version of a box truck, a gondola.

And now it's on to the final challenge. Ashley vs. Gretel-Ann. Buddy wants both contestants to go hard, or go home. He wants them to design a cake worthy of the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, but with a piece of themselves in there, too.  Again, they're given a selection of past contestants to choose from. Ashley creates a cake with an Ashley-as-Elvis theme. Gretel-Ann goes for a slot-machine cake. Special guest, *NSYNC member Joey Fatone is tasked with helping judge.

And then, ooooh twist! All of the past contestants are asked to vote for which cake they like better. Paul asks Ashley if he thinks "a 25-year-old kid" is ready to be the next great baker, and that really pisses Ashley off.

“Is that a serious question? You’ve been a condescending person this entire time. So for you to say…I’m a 25-year-old kid is bullshit. Life experiences? You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. You don’t know me. You think you’re better than everyone here. You’re an arrogant asshole. You have been this entire time. I don’t need to answer your damn question.”

Tell us how you really feel, Ashley.

Despite her outburst, the former contestants vote for Ashley, 7 to 4. But what do the real judges think?

Yup, you guessed it -- Ashley takes home the whole damn thing! What do you think? Who do you think should have won the whole thing? Share with us in the comments!

You'll Never Guess Which Famous Leader Loves "Toddlers & Tiaras"


Think about the most unlikely Toddlers & Tiaras fan ever. Double that and consider again, and we bet you'd still never guess that Nelson Mandela -- yes Nelson Mandela -- is a Toddlers super fan. According to Mandela's granddaughters, the former South African president, famous anti-apartheid leader and Nobel Peace laureate can't get enough of the show. 

Nelson_mandela_toddlers_020Say his grandchildren Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway and Swati Dlamini, the 94-year-old Mandela "'sort of likes' reality TV. Which is a good thing, because both women will be starring in their own South African reality show, titled Being Mandela. The elder Mandela isn't expected to make an appearance, but his wife Winnie will show up from time to time.

But back to Toddlers & Tiaras. Dlamini swears he's a huge fan. "You'll be interested to know that he loves Toddlers and Tiaras," she said. "Because of the kids! He just loves children."

So if you're a big Toddlers fan, just know you're in very good company. [Guardian]

17 Gifs To Celebrate The New Season Of Toddlers & Tiaras


We couldn't be more excited to hear that Toddlers and Tiaras will be back for a sixth season! In celebration of the good news, we decided to take a look at some of our favorite past contestants -- in hilarious GIF form. Please enjoy, and don't forget to watch the season finale tonight at 10/9 c.


Just look at this face. How could you not love that pouty face?


This little one is clearly a girl after my own heart.



This one's got a good head on her shoulders.

Check out more after the jump!

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