Welcome, Zoey, to "The Little Couple" Family!


Zoey in PeopleThe Little Couple's Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are proud to introduce and welcome the newest edition to their family: their recently adopted 2-year-old daughter, Zoey.

Bill and Jen adopted Zoey from an orphanage in India as Jen was first experiencing symptoms of her cancer -- which, fortunately, she recently completed her final successful round of chemotherapy. In addition to the very first photo of Zoey, Bill and Jen shared with People Magazine, a little bit about what their new daughter is like. 

"She is a very strong personality," Jen said, laughing. "She is a happy girl."

Arnold describes her children's bond as "the cutest thing ever." Arnold says, "Zoey loves riding on cars and Will loves pushing her around." 03_03_14_NO_UPC

On Tuesday, March 4th, be sure to watch the next chapter in The Little Couple's journey. This season promises a roller coaster ride of emotions: the elatation of welcoming Zoey comes as Jen falls so sick that she leaves India early to seek treatment back home.

Now, with the difficult months of battling cancer and managing a growing family in the past, Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey can enjoy a sense of normal life.

Tune in at 10/9c on Tuesday, March 4 for the season premiere of The Little Couple. 



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