"Dude" Chronicles His Wedding Weight-Loss Via "Dude Wedding Diet"


When we think of diets and weddings, we automatically picture a bride-to-be struggling to get down to her ideal gown size. But guys aren't immune from the urge to shed pounds for their big day. Just ask Mike Metz, the Los Angeles television writer behind the blog Dude Wedding Diet

Mike Metz, chowing down on a protein burger.

Metz proposed to his girlfriend Lindsay this past November, after dating for more than four and a half years. The proposal went well (she said yes!), but then Metz decided that he wanted to get in better shape for the big day. So now he's on a mission to lose 15 pounds by his wedding day in September, and he's launched DWD to chronicle the journey. 

Metz has bigger challenges than most—he's also a food writer with a popular blog called Unemployed Eater. Eating is his life. Which is also why he thought it'd be a good idea to challenge himself to lose weight. And, he stresses, this was his idea, not his fiancé Lindsay's. "She thinks it's ridiculous, but she's supportive. I don't think she thinks it's necessary at all." 

 To make it to his goal weight, and hopefully keep it off, Metz chose a low-carb diet, a sort of modified version of the Atkins Diet, where he's prohibited from eating his Big Three favorites: beer, bread, and sugar. In place of his daily sandwich or two, Metz is now eating tons of salads. His breakfast cereal bowl has been replaced by eggs and protein shakes. But before you picture him in front of plate after plate of wilted salad greens, let Metz reassure you. "This is not a wimpish diet," he writes on the blog. "Yes, I will be severely cutting back on carbs, but it’s my hope to create a, for lack of a better name, dude diet. No frozen dinners. No chewing on cauliflower stems at the movies. This is a manly diet for manly grooms." Got it? 

So how's he doing so far? Three weeks in, and he's already about half way to his goal. But the challenge will be losing the rest of the weight, and keeping it off until the big day. 

"When you're getting married people want to take you out to dinner, and there's a lot of stuff that you can't avoid that's going to get in the way," Metz admits. "But I've just looked at so many photo albums of guys who are suffocated by their suits and I didn't want that." 

And he's likely not alone, though Metz admits there are few guys out there who are quite as vocal about their weight struggles. Which is why he'll be highlighting other grooms who've gone through similar weight loss challenges on his blog. "I think that maybe I'm a little bit more comfortable putting it out there," he says.  

His tips for other guys looking to slim down on their big day? "Try to find the diet or plan that's manageable in some way. For me, I live in L.A., and every restaurant has salad. I can go outside and walk my dog longer, because it fits in with where I live. And everyone I know knows about [my diet rules], and it makes it much easier on me. I think a lot of times guys are afraid to say that they're on a diet, but I think being open about it makes it much easier." 


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