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Randy-fenoli-200x300On Friday, Dec. 20 at 9|8c, join Randy Fenoli for a can't-miss special!

Say Yes to the Dress: Randy's Top Trends counts down the 10 hottest bridal trends of the moment -- and not just in dresses. Randy's holistic approach to wedding fashion means you'll also get tips on beauty and planning to make your dream wedding come to life.

Even if you're a traditional bride, you want to incorporate some contemporary elements into your wedding -- classic shouldn't mean dated. Whether it's the silhouette of the season (bombshell mermaid), the must-have reception venue (rustic barn) or the flavor-of-the-day favor (whimsical candy bar), all brides want something about their wedding to whisper, "I'm in the know. I'm stylish." And now that we're well into the 2010s, that doesn't mean a chocolate fountain or puffy sleeves!

Randy explains that the millenial bride was obsessed with designer labels, and her predecessors, the '90s and '80s brides, were all about minimalism and excess, respectively. So what defines today's bride?

As the resident expert shares 10 categories of contemporary bridal chic, get ready to be inspired -- and a little surprised, too!

Say Yes to the Dress: Randy's Top Trends airs this BrideDay at 9|8c!

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