Thanksgiving, In A Croissant


Yes, Halloween just happened, but we've already moved on (sniff!). May we introduce to you the newest way to enjoy Thanksgiving? 

Meet the Thanksgiving Croissant, a semi-annual creation from the folks at New York's esteemed Momofuku Milk Bar. Chef David Chang's Milk Bar is the same place where they dreamed up such delicacies as cereal milk flavored soft serve, and something called Crack Pie, which is like pecan pie with ten times the buttery richness. 

For Thanksgiving, the Momofuku geniuses created a savory croissant filled with white meat turkey, dark meat turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce. But here's where their creativity comes in. The dough is made with celery salt, so it tastes like stuffing. A neat trick, huh? 



Do you have a secret weapon you're looking forward to serving this Thanksgiving? Tell us about it in the comments!

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