Don't Miss Out: Take Part In Our What Not To Wear Finale Live Facebook Event!



It's so hard to say goodbye. We just don't know what we'll do without Stacy, Clinton, Carmindy and Ted in our lives, but after ten great years, What Not To Wear is saying its final farewells. In typical fashion though, they want you to be a part of it. 

So tonight, at 9/8 c, during the series finale, post your farewell messages to Stacy, Clinton and the rest of the What Not To Wear crew on the WNTW Facebook page using the hashtag #WNTW — and it may make it on air during the broadcast!

Fans are already posting about how sad they are the show is ending. "I will miss this show. Clothes really do make the (wo)man," wrote Celeste Vaughn Brown. "This is really important; body image can enhance or destroy your life. So sad to see the show go." 

"#WNTW ,You have made an art of making American beautiful, one woman at a time!" wrote fan Peggy Klimis Bradshaw. 

We feel the exact same way. So don't forget about the #WNTW hashtag, and tune in tonight to say goodbye. 

And yup, we've already got the Kleenex out! 

Don't forget to say goodbye to the What Not To Wear family tonight at 9/8 c. 

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