How Much Do You Spend On Back To School Shopping?




Sure, it's just the beginning of August, but it's not too soon to start thinking of all the things your kids are going to need when they head to school this fall. There's the requisite school supplies––the pencils and notebooks, the backpacks and lunchboxes. Then there's the back-to-school wardrobe, and the more high-priced items, like new computers or tablets.

All told, the National Retail Federation says Americans are expected to spend around a whopping $72.5 billion on back-to-school and back-to-college shopping this year. What does that equal out to per child? $634.78. That seems like a lot, until you realize that last year, families spent and average of $688.62 per child. 

Researchers predict, too, that an increasing amount of shopping will be done online. Because who really wants to deal with a carful of screaming kids at a shopping mall? What do you typically spend on back-to-school shopping? And what are your must-have purchases this year? Share with us in the comments! And check out this awesome breakdown of school shopping trends and costs, after the jump!


National Retail Federation


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