What Should William & Kate Name Their Baby?



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We are heavily on Royal Baby Watch over here, and are anticipating the moment when the new baby will finally make its debut. The Duchess of Cambridge went into labor Monday morning, and royal watchers are going gaga over the new baby's arrival.

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But will it be a boy or girl? Odds are on a girl, based on superstition, and little hints the Prince and Princess have given throughout the pregnancy. And apparently the world wants the couple to have a girl, too (now that changes in succession rules have made it possible for first-born girl children to ascend the throne. And bookies are even taking bets on the baby's name. So far, top choices appear to be Victoria, Elizabeth or Diana if its a girl, and William, Charles, Philip and George if its a boy. A few daring, if financially irresponsible souls have even put their money on Barack (200 to 1) and Elvis (500 to 1).

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There are even a smattering of family names that might be up for contention, including Permelia, Grissel, Honor and Hyacinthe. Her Royal Highness Hyacinthe does have a nice ring.

But what do you think? What names would you pick?

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