"Breaking Amish: Los Angeles" Star Matthew Bristol On His Fashion Future


Matthew Bristol grew up in a Mennonite community from the time he was 7 years old. On the debut season of Breaking Amish: Los Angeles Matthew joins fellow questioning Amish folks Betsy, Iva, Devon, Lizzie and Andrew as they explore the English world. Matthew is a budding fashion designer, who's hoping to explore his interest in design while in L.A. On a recent HuffPost Live segment, Matt talked about what it was like to live in an alternate, English, universe. 



Being on the show, said Matthew, "actually brought me closer to God." As for whether or not he'll return to his Mennonite community back in Pennsylvania, well, anything's possible, though, "fashion is my first passion," he admits. 

Catch Matthew, and the rest of the Breaking Amish: Los Angeles crew, Sunday nights at 10/9 c.  

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